It’s Saturday morning and I hope that it finds you well. Here, I am the only one awake, hardly a soul to be found outside, coffee was just poured, and I took my first bite of a ripe banana. A good start to the day my fellow insomniacs.

What is it about this first full week of November over the years?

The year was 1605 and based on accounts by Sir Robert Cecil there was a Catholic conspiracy in 1605 to blow up the House of Lords on 5 November. A letter delivered to a Lord Monteagle days earlier allowed the plot to be ‘foiled’ at midnight on 4 November. The plot’s leader, Guy Fawkes and his 13 co-conspirators were rounded up and life went on as usual – except for Guy and his buddies [they were sentenced and met their demise] and for the annual (mandated) celebrations; now as Guy Fawkes Day.

The year was 1860 and the South had watched in horror as an unlikely candidate, a ‘rube’ from the back-country, grew in stature. He gave no serious speeches after his nomination, but he did not need to, as the Buchanan administration began to collapse under the weight of its incompetence and greed. By then the most toxic campaign in American history delivered Abraham Lincoln. The Press wrote bitterly against the candidate. Lincoln had to survive his election and a difficult transition, severely resisted by an entrenched political establishment that had no intention of giving up power. On November 6, Lincoln was elected, the first President from the new Republican Party.

The year is 2020 and on Thursday November 5 Boris Johnson, Britain’s Prime Minister and three others imposed a Second National Lockdown to deal with the Coronavirus. This move is one that will affect everyone in Britain and extend the economic war waged against the people. Opposition claims that little transparency and the numbers didn’t warrant such a lockdown, especially when the first one only triggered a sharp rise in deaths.

November 5, 2020 and the morning showed a complete reversal of President Trump’s re-election fortunes. In fact, by the end of the day a (almost 100% negative) Press was clambering for Trump to concede. As noted over the previous 4-years, Trump does not quit easily and will ‘jab’ and ‘punch’ till the bitter end. By November 6 word of illegalities in Ballot handling; especially in Detroit and a chronically corrupt Philadelphia surfaced.

Then, a County in Michigan reported that a flaw in their software had 6,000 Ballots to ‘flip’ from Trump to Biden – a small breath of air. Then it was reported that 47 other Counties used the same software program and it was also being used in other states – more oxygen. Then Georgia ordered a complete recount – another breath. Late in the day Supreme Court Justice Alito ordered that Philadelphia separate its late Ballots from those entered by the end of Election Day – some more oxygen to the campaign. It ain’t over yet; remember it took months for Al Franken Minnesota Senate seat to be resolved. His opponent threw in the towel; but that was a different time.

What is it with the first week of November? If you stopped drinking this past week, you couldn’t have done so at a worse time.

“‘Remember Remember the 5th of November…” ~ first line of John Milton’s poem In Quintum Novembris [On the Fifth of November].

Referring to the celebration of Guy Fawkes Day

“I am old enough to remember when votes were counted on Election Day” ~ Benny Johnson

“Florida is double the size of Michigan, but had its results almost immediately. What is the reason?” ~ Caleb Hull

Sports – You should know that by now (for a variety of reasons) I have pretty well given up on Professional Sports. But, even under the ‘R’ona’ virus restrictions there is an escape, possibly buried in the lesser tiered Sports one can find delight. Enjoy!

Listening? Focus on the announcer. There was way too much hilarity going on around that lonely guy sitting with a mike on a bridge table by the edge of the bleachers.

An Overpass Apart – on yesterday’s walk I came across two sights. The sidewalk approached a highway overpass. On one side I looked into a homeless encampment – no tent, just right into the guy’s bedroom. On the sidewalk he had a display of ‘bits’ and ‘pieces’ he’d put up for sale and display.

On the other side of the same overpass is a Harley Davidson dealership. They were prepping for a fun evening. A band was doing their sound-check, riders were beginning to arrive, and the Food Truck was nearly ready to serve.

Two scenes, just a mere 100 feet apart from each other; but worlds apart.

Walking – A treasure spotted. Also on yesterday’s walk, while nearing home this gorgeous little Buick Skylark came up to the light. The owner was very proud and I gave him a ‘Thumbs-Up’, then, while traffic held up, I reached in and we gave each other a High-Five. Even under all of our current virus edicts, LIVING LIFE is more important to me than merely living.

Office Scenes – I’ve been pretty open sharing scenes from the corner of Chaos & Mayhem. But actually, I’ve done you a disservice. All the scenes I’ve shown are from the front of the Condo or the side balcony. This week I’m sharing occurrences spotted from the rear, from my office window (both happened this week). Two separate events, a neighbor needing Medic assistance. The other was some Fire happening – three fire trucks and a medic. How can I get any work done you ask? “I don’t have a clue”, is the answer.

Fini – The US – Canadian border is still closed. This is causing some mild panic by the Treasurer of our nearby Lake Association. Wonder why?

Now I can go back to hiding under my desk. It’s a safe place while the current mess whirs around me and AOC and her Squad has its team looking for me to place on one of their lists. Shhhh!

Have some spare time? These Fireside Chats podcasts (here linked) by Dennis Prager are always meaningful, insightful, and a learning experience. I urge you to listen to one, especially this one since it was posted November 5 – remember that date?

Thought I’d be the first to introduce the Biden’s new campaign Logo:

Make it great week, keep the peace, stay safe, and be healthy!


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