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Happy Mother’s Day
05 8th, 2021

Even though it’s really a day early, but hey! With what the weather promises for tomorrow, here we’re pushing everything we can onto Saturday, including Mother’s Day – and anyone referring to it as “birthing parent’s day” will be tossed out on their ear. Follow a search of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, (D-N.Y.), chair of the House Democratic Caucus, to see why he is so proud of all the nonsense language ‘trip-ups’ introduced by the 117th Congress – it’s a ‘mosaic’ baby.

Now some coffee!

Making it the best – this is another summer season with our cabin sitting empty, Marcia’s rhubarb and chives growing wild, boats ‘pining’ for water, and ‘Our Duck’ 2CV locked up in a dark storage bin. After a long winter something had to be done.

So, this week I signed up for Paddlefest 2021. What is this? As their opening web page states; “The Ohio River Paddlefest is recognized as the nation’s largest paddling celebration with 2,000 participants traveling 9 miles through downtown Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky in canoes, kayaks, and other human-powered craft.”

I signed up early so that I would be able to rent a kayak (the reason I’m renting you now know).


Then, this coming week I’ll sign up for the Cyclones (our minor league hockey team) 10K. I’ve participated in past years in their “Frozen 10K” held in February, which this year was cancelled due to the Wuhan-flu. This summer its being held as the, one time only, ‘Un-frozen’ 10K.

Okay, so it’ll bring a little excitement into my life. Can you blame me?

Two superb session – were held and I learned and enjoyed immensely this past week. One was our former city Mayor, Ken Blackwell; Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at the Family Research Council, Treasurer and Secretary of State for Ohio, Undersecretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

He gave amazing insights into Election Integrity, the weaknesses witnessed during our 2020 elections, and the path forward with improvements. Hearing a front liner’s recounting of what actually transpired in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan during the election period was something. Truly a mesmerizing session listening to all the details and changes made in the few weeks beginning with the lead up to the election itself.

He didn’t state that he felt that with last fall’s election that cheating had occurred, but definitely that security issues and abject problems were prevalent. Better oversight and tighter controls are necessary.

The second session was with a human dynamo; Vivek Ramaswamy. Ramaswamy founded multibillion-dollar enterprises, led a biotech company as CEO, he became a hedge fun partner in his 20’s, trained as a scientist at Harvard and a lawyer at Yale, and grew up the child of immigrants in the small town of Evendale, Ohio. I noted on his bio that this local star is “turning heads on Tucker Carlson’s show and on the Opinion pages of the Wall St. Journal”.

Now he’s just finished writing a new book under the title of ‘Woke Inc.’. The book starts as a critique of stakeholder capitalism and ends with an exploration of what it means to be an American in 2021. It’s powerful.

Yup, still learning – still enjoying the process.

Critical Race Theory – is another bugaboo racing throughout our nation. It negates what Martin Luther King Jr. emphasized. It negates what it was we as a family strove to pass on to our kids as we raised them in a multi-cultural environment and in a multi-cultural school system.

Britannica defines Critical Race Theory (CRT); “CRT holds that the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans.”

It began a couple of decades ago and is now a full-blown teaching entity in higher education and into the public and some private elementary and high schools, busily placing everyone into their separate silos sniping at those in another silo.

Several States such as Iowa, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas have already taken measures to put a halt on it. Here in Ohio a lawsuit against the State Board of Education on the issue has been filed.

Tuesday, I’ll be listening to an EmpowerU session on the issue here in our State; featuring parents and a member of our State Board of Education.

In the meantime, watch this short YouTube as a parent, Asra Nomani, addresses the Fairfax County, Virginia, Board of Education and drops some incredibly powerful ‘truth bombs’. Listen to the end of this short video and how the Board responds and the tone of voice used. These are elected people addressing “We the People”.

Fini –
• Nearby Xavier University held graduation ceremonies yesterday. Walking through adjoining neighborhoods where much of the housing is student rentals I took note that front lawn “Beer Pong” is alive and well. Also, the Craft Beer Tours are up and running


• With the new Administration in charge changes are to be expected, some subtle, some not. The one that stands out (among many) is that for the first time in my memory the permit for the “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle rally to honor the vets on Memorial Day has been denied.

• Marcia is normally pretty blasé regarding news events. She sat up though when ‘cigarettes’ and ‘menthol’ were mentioned at the same time. Is this the end?

• Tonight on Saturday Night Live the host is Elon Musk. The little fragile cast members won’t be forced to appear should they not want to appear on the same stage as Elon. A bit of a far cry from the SNL I remember.

• Las Sunday was Vili’s final soccer game of the season, and it was his best. He played with vigor, heart, and had his head in the game. They lost, he won; and the pizza afterward had the whole team smiling!

• These three-wheelers have become fairly popular in and about our area. Most are Polaris Slingshots. The real time to watch them blast through the corner of Chaos and Mayhem is at night though. That is when the ones decked out with blinking, flashing, and rotating LED colored lights are the real standouts.

• Last weekend Marcia and I made our way to Findlay Market. It had been way too long between the ‘Wuhan’ restrictions and the cold weather.

• Since earlier on I mentioned education in 2021, were you aware that John Quincy Adams, at age 14 spoke 5 languages (English, German, Dutch, French, and Latin), had command of European history, and was already serving the country as private secretary to the then U.S. ambassador in St. Petersburg.

• I just noted that our neighbor across the street had his work-truck sideswiped during the night. A bit ago, the Police were there taking a report. The Corner of Chaos and Mayhem never sleeps.

Make it great week people, keep the peace, be happy, stay safe, be healthy and follow the science – the real science that keeps on searching!


Return of Normalcy
05 1st, 2021

A good Saturday to all. It’s still quiet (mostly) outside, yesterday’s winds have eased and the sun is supposed to ‘pop’ later. Here, we’re no longer talking how much we’re enjoying Gevalia Coffee – so I won’t belabor that. Let me just stop a moment to pour my first mug.

Normalcy – is quickly returning. Last evening we ate at our favorite ‘burger-special-of-the-day’ pub, Quatman’s Café, and the place was hopping. Patio nearly full as it was inside. I walked home from there and noticed similar scenes at other restaurants (judging by their parking lots).

Gotta mention; I had to have some Mock Turtle Soup as a starter – fabulous! Were you aware that the dish was served at President Lincoln’s first inauguration? It was, and in the day it was also on the menus of the Waldorf-Astoria, The Plaza, and the St. Regis.

Walking – especially in an urban setting offers a wide array of sights – constantly and ever changing. This week I took these pictures while walking. The car fire business had me pause and I was the one who ended up calling 911 – this after the people at the adjacent garage emptied 5 fire extinguishers without success. The bottom photo I took last evening while walking past Listermann Brewing; here a tour busload of craft beer aficionados had just unloaded. It’s further proof that we are returning to the good old days.


Only 110 years – ago last Thursday (April 28) but in 1910 it was the Frenchman, Louis Paulhan who won the 1910 London to Manchester air race. This was the first long-distance air race held in England (approximately 163 air miles).

This race was a mere 7-year after the Wright Brother’s flight at Kitty Hawk, NC.; a flight which lasted a mere 12-seconds. So, this air race was already an amazing accomplishment. Only two aircraft competed and Paulhan a Frenchman and the winner was presented a golden casket containing a check for the £10,000 prize (about $270,000 today). The photo shows the pilot Paulhan and his entourage.

It was the first night flight, navigated by lights turned on at railroad stations and bonfires along the way. Even with an overnight mid-way re-fuelling and an overnight rest stop it was a ‘Hollywood’ style racing adventure.

To put into perspective just how recent all this ‘hoopla’ was, someone mentioned in the comment section that; “some of these people later watched the moon landing on TV.”

This is a wonderful 5-min movie, stabilized and colorized, well worth watching.

There, that’s your history lesson/adventure for the day. You’re welcome.

Crotte de Chien – A few evenings ago, with much hoopla, we were presented a political speech containing a trainload of platitudes, oft-repeated sayings, and proposed offers of handouts too large to comprehend (of which the stated goals are fractionally of what was being peddled); and these well buried in lies touted as offering nirvana at the end of their rainbow. Trillions of dollars are being bantered about with less concern than I give to a $1.00 bill. “‘Crotte de Chien’ (dog poo)!” I say.

The very first error of the speech was Biden’s; “We the People is the Government.” This is where you, sir, are Dead Wrong! “We the People” are we; WE are the people who are in charge of the Government. That is what makes America. As Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) succinctly put it; “Our best future won’t come from Washington schemes or socialist dreams. It will come from you.”

The most direct answer I’ve heard to all the socialist proponents of the Green New Deal claptrap which is being screeched about by this Administration comes from the UKs Godfrey Bloom, MEP Ukip, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, May 2011 – so it isn’t that our current class of pretenders hasn’t known about the ‘crotte de chien’ they are unleashing on us all: [it’s a 3-min video]

Fini –
• Yesterday was Marlene’s Birthday. The day before it was singer Willie Nelson’s 88th. Many more “Whiskey Rivers” to both.

• Jazz Day happened yesterday. With many places still not allowing venues to open it might be fun to tune in a Jazz session originating in your area as part of the celebration. My own hunt found that rather than a day, most are an all weekend affair. Enjoy!

• Last week I made reference to the Administration’s replacement of “Equity” versus our traditional search for “Equality” for all. I heard that some were not totally clear as to what is happening. Maybe this picture will explain better:

• It’s already been 10 years ago today that Osama bin Laden —founder of the Islamist organization al-Qaeda was killed in Pakistan.

• Biden’s Global Climate Change 2021 event seems to have pushed ‘wunderkind’ Greta Thunberg back a bit; the new powerhouse to address the 40 world-leaders was 19 year old Mexican Xiye Bastida. It’s her deep insights such as; “We live with the cycles of Earth, and for rain to not come when it’s rainy season?—?that’s crazy”; which can only mean that yes there are always Climate Changes, but each event must mean people are the cause. She now follows a long list of; “the World Will End” panic mongers.

• Meanwhile the corner of Chaos and Mayhem is active and well, no matter where or when we look.

• Now I best begin to focus on my afternoon Yoga session led by Kirstin via Zoom. She had a session yesterday with 35 participants so her sessions must be good. Interested? Let her know via Facebook or in the comment section at the bottom of these Ramblings and I’ll pass it along.

Make it great week people, keep the peace, be happy, stay safe, be healthy and follow the science – the real science that which keeps on exploring!