Well, well. Days of worrisome preparation for travel to Canada. So much paperwork. So much bureaucracy. So much ‘hoopla’. And finally a NAT – Nucleic Acid Test (it’s the one test to get for ease and speed if testing for Covid-19 is required). Finally, yesterday, it was border-crossing time; much easier and quicker than I could have hoped for.

Now, early Saturday morning and nasty connectivity, it’s a quick – all is well note. Coffee has started, but is still perking.

By purpose I will not have any rant on the ‘bobble-heads’ racing around DC and Delaware. Just some deep wishes for the wellbeing of any of those caught against their will in Afghanistan due to the absolute failure caused by the same aforementioned ‘bobble-heads’. However, a note; eons ago it was Nero who fiddled while Rome burned and now we have a marginal leader forsaking citizens and friends alike for some political optics expedient. We’ll rue this emerging horror on the international scene for decades to come. Biden has blood on his hands!

Evening before Last – after an easy shot through Ohio and Michigan I reached my stop-over in St. Ignace in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Walking about the little town to stretch my legs I spotted the three items pictured below. Were it possible to make an even trade of the F150 for any one of them, which would you pick?


Lake Difficulties — Walking about St. Ignace I spotted these markers. Lives lost in commercial fishing on the big lakes. And one making note of how people crossed into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan prior to the completion of the ‘Big Mac’ bridge (I twice rode across this span on my bicycle). Marcia has vivid memories of crossing by Ferry boat.


Toy retrieval – Early in the week I’ll grab the Dolly trailer and head for the tiny burg of Spragge Ontario. Once I get the Deux Chevaux and ATV pulled out of storage and loaded these will be brought back to the cabin – Northern Comfort. The ATV will be stored at Northern Comfort for the coming winter in preparation for what I am fervently hoping will be a wonderful 2022 season. Our little Duck (2CV) I’ll tow back to the ‘Nati.

Cleaning – of the cabin is going to be much more than I could have wished for. That’ll start in seriousness once I’ve had breakfast and daylight lends a hand.

Two growing seasons have done a number on the property. I could use a ‘bush-hog’. Lacking one of those I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my little weed whacker will hold up. Bravely I’ll proceed.

Fini –
• Happy Birthday to Adrianne and Sandy this coming week and Vaioleti next weekend.

• Breakfast is not breakfast without a stop at Java Joe’s. After a great breakfast at Java Joe’s he and I posed by his daily driver, a 1972 VW. The only disappointment was the fact that they were out of Goetta – my normal ‘must have’ before crossing the border.

• Met up with family members Donn and Marlene when I got to the lake. We spent catching up for a half hour.

• Barb and Bulent are also at the lake and it was good seeing them – Socially Distancing (is a couple of feet acceptable?) we enjoyed a cold one.

Just wonder what goes on in this place when we’re gone (as we’ve been since September 2019). It seems that a Garter Snake shed its skin right next to the refrigerator in the kitchen. How did it get into the cabin in the first place?

• I have already looked at the vacuum cleaner – from a decent distance. That will change shortly, now that I’ve hot coffee in front of me.

• And yes, a pair of Loons, happily ‘yodeled’ when they noted my presence on the lake.

Make it a great week. Value life, be healthy, and stay happy. Best till next weekend.


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