Great morning all; what a week it’s been. It was a crazy wonderful time, with George and Sandy keeping us in tow. The only thing that suffered was my exercise regimen – other than the twice-a-week workout via Zoom with my Bros.; that stayed intact.

However, first, we have a new favorite coffee and are drinking it now. George and Sandy brought us a sack of Café Don Pablo Signature Blend coffee and it’s most excellent. Thanks guys.

The Move – It’s almost 99.9% complete and Adrianne, Tevita, and ‘kiddos’ are our new neighbors. The kids especially love their new digs and with the physical layout of the place are able to isolate for their own and quiet time and homework. Even Rugby-the-dog has settled in.

I am now awaiting Tevita to begin teaching me the Haka so that we can properly face off with the native Pacific Islander war cry when we meet up in our building’s front lobby. I am watching the following to learn each and every nuance so as to do it correctly – still struggling with the ‘tongue’ thing though.

Unveiling – This past week, in the Netherlands, their first national Holocaust monument was unveiled. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, who had relatives murdered during the Holocaust, it lists 102,163 of the Dutch victims (Jews, Roma or Sinti [aka “Gypsies”] who were deported to the Nazi extermination camps). It consists of a labyrinth of walls consisting of bricks, each listing the name of a victim. When seen from above it forms Hebrew letters reading “in remembrance.”

Another and possibly the main reason I mention this unveiling is this quote from Daniel Libeskind, who also oversaw the master plan for the Ground Zero memorial in New York and said it was overwhelming to see his design unveiled in the Dutch capital and added: “It’s a warning to us all what can happen in so-called civilized societies.”

Libeskind’s warning I see as most critical during this time of upheaval and especially with all the Marxist based nonsense of Critical Race Theory (CRT) being pushed like a tsunami through our nation – our schools, our workplaces, our government, and even our military. As a nation we’ve worked too hard to assimilate everyone, to put past problems behind us, and to eliminate people living in isolated ‘silos’. CRT must be denounced!

Our Bourbon Tour – and the few days we spent in Bardstown, Kentucky while staying at an old mansion with 15’ ceilings made the time even more special – the Bourbon Manor built circa 1810.

Sandy organized a tour, and with our guide for the day, Jim, we could not have hit it better. On the surface, being a guide could not be simpler. Upon reflection, doing it right (‘guiding’ that is) is actually quite difficult and Jim was a master.

As luck would have it we witnessed the ‘skin’ being replaced on a Rickhouse. Jim said that over a ten-year span he had never seen this in progress. As a FYI, Bourbon barrels (about 500 pounds each) are stored in a ‘Rickhouse’ and the Racks holding the barrels are NOT part of the Rickhouse which sits like a shell over its contents.

Pictures on tour –

President Biden’s quote for the week;

If Haiti, a God awful thing to say, if Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot in terms of our interest.” ~ Joe Biden, 1994

Fini –
• This weekend Marcia and I are celebrating our #51. The tour was the ‘pre’ celebratory event and as you’ve seen, it was a good one.

• Kirstin mentioned on Instagram that yesterday (September 24) was the day of her first meeting Vince at a party. She shared that he’d invited her to dance. The song? “Shout” by Tears for Fears. Just in case it’s been a while since you heard it, thought I’d give you the opportunity – this was performed by the group in 2019 (since we’ve all aged and they have too).

• In two weeks there will be a conference in Las Vegas titled; “Climate Realism vs. Climate Socialism”. As Luis Aramburu wrote; “Without the relentless MSM propaganda, you wouldn’t even notice there was a climate emergency going on because, in fact, there is no climate emergency. It’s all a fabrication.”

• Let’s just say, a 1964 Chevrolet would survive to September 25, 2021. Then let’s just say that it parked in front of my building. Then, this is what it would look like.

• Shortly I’ll be heading out to buy and replace my right rear turn-signal bulb. It’s not that I am too put out with my inability to signal my intentions, but primarily with the high-speed clicking noise. I can’t stand it.

• Now to all three of my readers, you’re in luck. I did pay my annual “Hosting Service” fee. The Rambling’s’ isn’t going away!

• Question to the ‘Nati’ gang, is Apple-Picking on the agenda this weekend?

Make it a great week. Stay happy. Be graceful and good to those around you. Best till next weekend. And remember, tomorrow evening is Willie Nelson’s annual “Farm Aid” show.


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