Great morning all. This is coming to you directly from now the cleanest office and the most organized desktop in many a day. See, tomorrow brother George and sister-in-law Sandy will come a knocking on our front door and ‘organization’ became the mantra of the week.

In the meantime, the coffee is hot and my mind is a-whirring. So let’s get these “Ramblings” going.

Yesterday was Constitution Day; did you celebrate?

Happy Constitution Day. We should never forget the Constitution wasn’t written to restrain citizen’s behavior, it was written to restrain the government’s behavior. Protecting the Constitution protects our liberties ~ Senator Rand Paul 9/17/2021

A “mensch” – Monday evening our whole gang will be heading to the Great American Ballpark to see the Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates play. It was about this time but in 1965 when major league baseball inserted a new anecdote into its historic records.

1965, the start of the World Series and Yom Kippur (the holiest day in Judaism) coincided, and Sandy Koufax refused to pitch the opening game due to the solemnity of the religious holiday. He ended up pitching the winning game for the Dodgers, received the MVP award, and was labeled Sportsman of the Year. No kneeling, no purple hair, with that guy.

Space – Inspiration4 is the first all civilian space venture ever and is a huge fund raiser for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I’ve been following this SpaceX launch from inception. Now in space these four civilian astronauts are able to show a more ‘human’ side of such a venture – and are having a blast doing so.

There are a number of firsts with this quartet, not the least of which is Haley who the youngest astronaut ever, is a cancer survivor, and has prosthesis. You’ll love the following absolutely inspirational 10-minute YouTube. Space travel has become real.

Painted Ladies – Walking is never boring. There is always something fresh, interesting, or stimulating to be seen.

This week on one of my walks I started focusing on the ‘Painted Ladies’ along the way. Once I began it didn’t take long to even differentiate; what exactly became a “Painted Lady” in all of its glory; was it the paint? Or. Like another done up in natural (think flowers and greens) that popped up. Even if it wasn’t so much the paint itself, but the manner of construction coupled with the materials used sufficed to make them ‘Painted’. All together it really made my walk.

Gas Lights – Every so often I get asked why living in a Gaslight District is important to me. Well, one of the reasons we moved here decades ago is that these streetlights give character and even excitement to a neighborhood.

Excitement? Yup, never know what I’ll see. This particular lamp must have heard someone use the word “ambiance” once too often, then the light blew its stack.

No more Cicadas – This is the final Cicada update for at least the next 17 years. The attached YouTube gives a solid presentation on the ‘why’ of the 17 or 13 year Cicada cycle. Take a look and remember; this so that you can then sound intelligent explaining it all to your grand and great grandchildren when these pests reappear and everyone is in a panic:

Fini –
• Out of the blue (a phone call giving a two-hour ‘heads-up’) and brother Art blew into town. Of course it was dinner time and therefore it had to be Skyline chili. Thanks for stopping by Art, we loved it!!!

• The Holland in 1888 was a different Holland from what we’d see today. A Catholic wife and her Protestant husband passed and had to be buried in separate graveyards. However, with some clever maneuvering they managed to stay together with a handshake – over the wall which divided them.

• Painted in in 1910 by Ernst Kirtchner and now in the Brücke Museum, Berlin is this painting titled “Marcella”. What strikes me is that to my eye, this could have been painted this year – it appears that current.

It’s good to see the grandkids going at it again after almost 18-months of craziness revolving around schools and life in general. Vili is back at Soccer. Vai is enjoying Volleyball. And Dinah is doing six evenings a week as a member of an eight-crew Skull – actually known as a ‘coxed eight’.

• Finally got to see our new FC Cincinnati soccer stadium last Saturday. Due to my haste I didn’t make it into the place but managed to get home where tuning in to the TV broadcast of the game got me through my predicament. We won!

• Orwell’s 1984 is a major step closer as government surveillance creeps into our bank accounts. Under the Biden’s ‘Build Back Better Broker’ plan it will allow the IRS direct access to gather details on any bank account containing $600 or over. They demand to know how and where you spend your money.

• Celebrate CO2. It’s the only atmospheric element that is not a gas, but is a compound made up of Carbon connected to two Oxygen elements. Since it is heavier than air it sinks and it pools much like water. Gathering in lowlands, pools, and oceans it collects where it then feeds life. Plants would die otherwise. Don’t let the CO2 hoax fool you.

• Now I MUST pay my annual “Hosting Service” fee (managed to forget doing it this past week) or ‘The Rambling’s’ won’t be around much longer.

Make it a great week. Demand the best from yourself, others, and your leaders. Be healthy, and stay happy. Best till next weekend.


So Subtle (part deux)

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