Morning all. When I got up this morning it was in part to watch the meeting of the century as two ancient ‘Druids’ representing the world’s elite gathered inside a small glen in the hills around Rome. Then I discovered that only the travel to the glen would be made public; their mutual ‘head-scratchings’ and ‘pot-stirrings’ being kept private. ‘Druids’ require secrecy you know; especially since these two swore a hallowed oath not to broach the subject of the sacredness of an infant’s life pre-birth. And so it goes.

Oh well, might as well move on and enjoy some early morning coffee; now I can reflect on the Halloween weekend.

”The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them.” ~ Turkish proverb

Painted Ladies – A few weeks ago I wrote about some ‘painted-Ladies’ I spotted on my exercise walk. This week I took a route I hadn’t been on for a few months and spotted these beauties. What is even better is seeing just how close these are to a totally ‘crusty’ area, and then just how pristine these owners are keeping their properties. I really hope that their efforts will pay off big-time creating change for their adjacent neighborhood. Love those Ladies.

Coffee – Our little household needed to replenish our coffee supply. George and Sandy got us settled on the Don Pablo brand sold by Costco. Problem, neither our local Costco nor their warehouse carried the brand. A search was started and so it was that I found that on Amazon I could buy the stuff in a five-pound bag – done!

My Amazon order confirmation had a delivery window of Oct. 21 – 23. Then on Monday the 25th I was notified that delivery had been pushed back to DECEMBER 23rd. I guessed it was part of the nation’s super slick “Build Back Better” plan by using some ‘empty shelf’ scheme. Similarly to where inflation is a sign of a healthy economy, or even akin to diabetes being a sign of vitality (these thoughts by Gad Saad).

Tuesday, the day after the delay notice, Marcia and I had plans to visit Costco and settled on 3lbs of Kirkland brand coffee. But since Marcia loved the name, Mayorga Mayan Blend, we added 2lbs of that also to the cart. By happenstance I spotted an end-of-aisle stack of, yes, DON PABLO Bourbon Infused coffee. Welllll, she got a special pick so; thus it was that 2lbs of the Bourbon Infused was also added to our cart. A little ‘nutso’ I agree, but hey, we’ll drink the stuff, and as suggested earlier, there could be a coffee shortage ‘brewing’ (pun).

It was the very next morning, last Wednesday the 27th, when I read an overnight mail message from Amazon; “Your package is arriving earlier than we previously expected” (yeah, two-months early). The 5lbs of Don Pablo Signature Blend would arrive that day!”

Currently, I am contemplating between starting a coffee stand or just sell bulk. Marcia is in the process of clearing some closet shelves.

Basic Laws of Human Stupidity – was a concept (joke?) put forth by Italian Economics professor Carlo Cipolla in his 1970s “The 5 Basic Laws of Human Stupidity”. He proposed that ‘Stupidity’ is a part of the human condition and is distributed equally just like eye color, etc. ‘Stupidity’ he argues is totally independent of societal or educational status and is more prevalent than ever realized and is worse. It intrigued me enough to do a bit of further digging. Doing that digging I came across this video among several, trying to somewhat detail Cipolla’s insights.

Elections — Our town is governed by a mayor and a council of 9 members. During the last election cycle nearly half of the council ended up in the courts fighting for their freedom. This coming week we’ll elect a new cadre of nine.

To prepare us for this occasion we can select from a slate of 36. You read that correctly – a slate of 36.

I have a problem, one of the candidates, one who I had never heard of, has the last name of Mingo. Here’s my problem, I stumble on that name and can’t hardly move on. Every time I see ‘Mingo’ what pops in my mind’s eye is the character of Ming-the-Merciless from the 1980 cult movie, Flash Gordon. It’s a problem caused by seeing that movie one too many times.

Now back to studying this strange group of characters before I vote.

Hard Rock – Our downtown Casino was bought by and renamed Hard Rock Casino and was formally named so yesterday – former Reds icon Pete Rose was the first player at a table game (Blackjack & he pulled a 21) and Earth Wind and Fire opened the festivities.

My upstairs neighbor, Kristen, was contracted by Hard Rock to develop a specialty series of drinks for each of the five restaurants and the various bars. I suspect it was due to them making note of her previously printed book; ‘Rocktails, an Amped up Spin on Mixology‘. ‘Rocktails’ matches a special cocktail and a background piece to each of the many musicians who through the years touched Cincinnati.

So, where do Marcia and I fit into all of this? Well, for the Casino’s steak house, Council Oak Steaks & Seafood, she needed tasters, testers if you will, for the proposed specialty drinks. Hence, a month or so ago Kristen came knocking on our little abode with a platter full of her cocktail suggestions for Marcia and I to taste and rate. I forget the name but Marcia’s favorite had a fresh flower floating in it. It’s the very best in Condo living! Success Kristen!

Fini –
• 1913-Mahogany Bar in Cecil House, Thessalon, Ontario (nearest town to our little cabin) from days gone by. The man in the white shirt behind the bar is Cecil Harris killed in WW1. What makes this old photograph interesting is the trough near the floor which contained running water. The stains on the front of the bar are from customers voiding while standing at the bar. This trough ran from the hotel, down the street and into the river. (thanks Kim for the photo)

• Realizing that reference was made to a casino, how about some Bingo? Spotted this and immediately envisioned a totally winning evening – do I hear laughter?

• The $1.5Trillion the “Build Back Better” bill has the word ‘bridge/bridges’ spotted exactly 1 time. ‘Tax’ on the other hand appears 1,353 times, ‘Fees’ shows 66 times, ‘Equity’ is there 32 times, and the old saw – ‘Climate’ appears 111 times (Heritage Foundation). Thought you’d want to know.

• For a number of years it’s been time after time that we’d head for Suzy Wong’s Asian Eats. We even had an Anniversary meal there. Absolutely the best Asian food anywhere. Their Bibimbap (BEE-beem-bop) was to die for, rice crisped to perfection and the fried egg on top soft in the center, all served in a stone bowl too hot to touch. Well Suzy’s closed! All the start/stop lockdowns due to the Wuhan mess and difficulty maintaining staff did the place in. Truly; “so sad”.

• Vili is on top of the world, he’ll be playing Sax in the school music class and the band.

• Another question, this week airfields in Scotland will be packed with private jets for a climate concern conference. Why, if anthropogenic climate change is of real concern not hold a virtual meeting? Virtue signaling at its best! The reality of climate change is ever ongoing; a normal constant – what is not normal is people cashing in on it.

• Last question; just how over billions of years did astoundingly large climate changes and upheavals occur when us nasty humans were nowhere to be seen? It’s a simple question

• With the drop in temperature I thought it time to brew a hot mug of Chaga – Chaga is a fungus that grows on Birch trees and it’s suggested that it boosts one’s immune system – it also tastes good. I got mine in the north woods when Donn, Marlene, and I went on a Chaga conk hunt in the forest.

• Don’t want to exacerbate what is a hugely horrible event, but wouldn’t have been better had they brought a NRA expert onto the movie set to give guidance?

• The FDA/CDC unanimously approved the Covid-19 virus vaccine for children 5-11. Dr. Risch from Yale is quoted; “if they mandate the vaccine for his children he would pull them out of school and homeschool them; only if the child had a chronic illness would he recommend.” Why do (the many) voices such as his never have a seat at the table? Especially when the virus gives a 5-year old 2 possibilities of contracting the virus out of 1,000,000 where the outcome is fatal? That’s no worse than the common flu for that age group.

”we’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s the way it goes” ~ Dr. Ruben on the FDA panel

Make it a great week. Stay positive. Stay happy. Stay involved. Best till next weekend. And as heard on the radio this morning; if you happen to be trans, remember every day is Halloween.


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