A steaming mug of ‘Don’ is sitting next to me and the smell is intoxicating; Don Pablo coffee that is. It’s been a mostly busy week along with mostly daily decently long walks. See a pattern here? Mostly?

This week it was the height of Fall color in Canada and I miss being there to experience it. Luckily my friend and neighbor sent me this wonderful capture of the place in all of its glory.

On one of my walks I passed a police speed meter and when approached it flashed my reading. At least I think it was reading me and not some distant vehicle which it just happened to register. I must admit, I felt quite proud.

On another walk I came across a soccer game being played on Xavier University’s ‘Pitch’. It was a bit of a struggle, stay and enjoy watching or continue my exercise walk. For those of you keeping track; I continued. 

As an aside, two years ago this past week we were enjoying the greatest economy in the history of the world. Elections do have consequences.

Trillion – is a numeric designation that is being bantered about in the ‘hallowed’ halls of Congress. “Borrow a Trillion dollars here, but only if we can borrow 3 to 5 Trillion dollars there” – you’ve been hearing it talked about almost daily. So, this is what these clowns are really talking about put in terms which a lame-brain such as me can visualize:

On the day that Jesus was born my forebears would begin and spend $One Million Dollars every day. Their children and children’s children would continue to spend that same amount, $One Million Dollars each and every day until today. Then my children and children’s children must continue to spend that same $One Million Dollars each and every day for another 700 years.

700 years out we reach that moment when that $One Trillion Dollar spending spree would have been reached. Currently we are about $30 Trillion Dollars in debt. But remember what they say; “It’s OK folks, nothing to see, nothing to worry about.”

”Worthless Mitch McConnell folded like a cheap tent on the debt ceiling.” ~ Anonymous – found on the Internet

Just a partisan hack – Our government has a series of ‘Councils’ which bring knowledgeable citizens and their combined wisdom, insight, and expertise to the ‘party’. Members of these non-partisan Councils serve for no pay (except for travel expenses), most serve six-year terms, and are there by Presidential appointment – crossing differing administrations. Now, these are different times, and Biden’s team has been busily at work pushing out members not of their liking – earlier 11 members of various, traditionally non-partisan, Military Academy boards were pushed out. Now it’s apparently the National Council on the Arts’ turn to be savaged.

This week it was singer song-writer Lee Greenwood’s turn to get summarily dumped. Greenwood was appointed originally by W.H, Bush, and has served faithfully and apolitically under various administrations since. So now, without even a “Thanks for your many years of service”, he was notified via some underling’s e-mail.

Many, many years ago I was also asked to resign by a then newly elected partisan hack governor (Dick Celeste – D). This was after working under previous ‘R’ and ‘D’ administrations without question and without a ‘hiccup’ in the very political world of mental health and developmental disabilities (I am being sarcastic folks); hence this move by team Biden probably means a bit more to me.

‘Free’ Nations and their Covid-19 dealings – I am amazed on how idiotically nations such as ours, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Germany are dealing with Covid-19 – mostly through horrific infringements to our freedoms. Many of us have gone through this (or are still going through it) in our States and Provinces; maybe this makes it easier to understand. If you live in LA and NY you’ll understand what we’re talking about. As will folk in various Canadian Provinces or citizens of Australia. Canada requires a Vaccine ‘Passport’ for any public means of travel.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announces new restrictions for Thanksgiving. No indoor gatherings are permitted for the unvaccinated outside of their own households

But the most insidious bit comes from Germany and just a mere 75 years after the Nazi Holocaust where Jews were forced to wear a yellow Star of David patch inscribed with them being Jewish. Now they plan to release a yellow badge announcing vaccination status; this time, in the center is the image of a syringe in red. Unbelievable just how hopelessly clueless this all is.

Just so you realize that really none of this has any scientific necessity or basis; that’s not what it’s about. Realize that a couple of weeks ago the Scandinavian countries made the rational decision and declare the ‘Pandemic’ to be over. Live in Scandinavia and life is once again as it was a couple of years ago – FREE.

Before CRT – we recently had life in the ‘60s, the’70s, and the ‘80s. In the Sixties we had the marvelous statements uttered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During my prime years our kids were brought up race neutral in our Public School systems. Likewise, for us, it was only character that mattered in our relationships.

However, what’s surfaced during the last decade or so is something called Critical Race Theory under which nothing is more important than skin color. We’re being pushed into various ‘silos’ by all sorts of various groups, politicians, University Professors, School Teachers, and Communist backed groups like Antifa and BLM.

Push back and don’t fall under the wheels of this insidious trend.

This week I came across a early black and white movie made in the early twentieth Century. It shows soldiers from the Civil War, Union and Confederate war survivors meeting up. It shows that we can come together, that the past can be the past, and that a future life as one can work. Enjoy these two little films:

Fini –
• John Lennon would have been 81 today.

• I know that you want to stay current in civil matters. A week or so ago Canada’s PM, Justin Trudeau, presented the LGBT movement’s replacement new proper name; “2SLGBTQQIA+”. No joke, look it up.

• The Ambulance repair shop. Notice how they park a little ‘speed-demon’ next to it should an emergency arise.

• Kirstin, this week, celebrated the 50th anniversary of WDW

• Earlier a week ago I spent a couple of hours listening to the Grateful Dead on XM radio. This week I came across this photo of Jerry Garcia (principal songwriter, the lead guitarist and a vocalist with the Dead).

• Three years from now the Vendee Globe 2023-2024 round the world, solo, non-stop race will start. My countdown has begun.

• This evening most of our ‘Nati’ gang will head out to watch FC Cincinnati play Philadelphia. The photo is a view of the pitch from our seats.

Make it a great week. Stay strong. Be mindful to those around you. Best till next weekend.


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