Morning all. With a fresh mug of Bourbon Infused coffee at my side I realized that overnight the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song lyrics from decades ago had all come true; “another day older and deeper in debt”. 2,000 pages worth!

Then, in a week or so from now the push to further place our nation into what will be a massively stunning, and gargantuan debt will take place. Let’s pray that it’s a mountain of debt from under which our grandkids can crawl.

”The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” ~ George Washington

In light of the what we’re witnessing in government these days I should insert into these Ramblings a “Word of the Day” so;
The Word of the Day is ’malversation’ (16th century): the corrupt administration of power.

Ultimate Recycling – Leftover pumpkins – what to do, what to do? Here’s an excellent way to quickly turn used pumpkins into bacon (ours are two of the larger ones & two smaller). The collection site was down the street a ways:

‘Tis the Season – I couldn’t believe it. It’s been well over a week since I began noticing, in the background mind you, more and more lame Christmas jingles and sounds. It’s a dreaded season that keeps springing on us, and is seems earlier and earlier. Well, it looks like Earl Pitts, our local prognosticator, has his own thoughts on the subject of shopping – at least on the ‘how to’ portion:

A Rainy Evening – and Marcia and I headed out for the Pendleton Arts Center – an eight story warehouse turned Arts center. Our purpose was an exhibit raising money for kids with cancer. First it was dinner at The Nation restaurant (named after prohibition firebrand Carrie Nation who would axe everything inside of any pub she entered). She was one of the more famous prohibitionists. Fun evening – especially riding the wide open freight elevators.


Most Massive (change) Election — was the election of the new Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, Winsome Sears. In a Blue State she is a black (first winning statewide office) conservative woman who emigrated from Jamaica, served in the Marines, has a Masters degree, ran a homeless shelter, and has raised 3 kids. Her acceptance speech is the most grounded I’ve seen (if you’re going to watch it, stay ‘on-board’ for the whole 6-minute speech. It’s good!):

Tulsi Gabbard – former Congressional Representative from Hawaii, and a very sane ‘old school’ democrat also discussed the results of the VA election:

McAuliffe’s loss is a victory for all Americans. Why? Because it was a resounding rejection of efforts to divide us by race, the stripping of parental rights, and arrogant, deaf leaders. This benefits us all.

From Japan – and a Japanese neurologist no less comes this image. If the image is still, you are calm. If this image moves a bit, stressed, and if it spins you’re absolutely frazzled. So, how are you doing this morning?

Fini –
• As a reminder, we have not yet had any jobs ‘created’; we are still reclaiming jobs lost from the pre Covid shutdown numbers. We’ll need 4-million to get back to the numbers the Fed had at that time.

• Ms Amiral posted this photo Of Marilyn Monroe. She was getting ready for the premiere of How to Marry a Millionaire on November 4th 1953. Sixty eight years ago.

• I heard it was a prime time for the Northern Lights to be visible. No, I didn’t spot any here, but in Vegreville, Alberta they did:

• Fun times at COP26 as the hob-nobbing continued day and night. The discussions seemed to be around how to curtail our lifestyle for a cause that doesn’t exist. The one photo is from around Glasgow where the event was held and show just a handful of the 400 or so private aircraft that converged for this couple of days event.


• What is not a news item is that the new boss at Sky (a major COP26 climate change sponsor), and related to the COP26 fun event, spent the first half of the year commuting with regularity between her home in in the USA and office in Britain by private jet.

• We should all be happy that in America a black ‘victicrat’ like Ibram Henry Rogers can change his name to Ibram Xolani Kendi and become wealthy by telling white people how they prevent black people becoming wealthy. What a country!

• One of our local hospitals, The Christ Hospital, has moved beyond just doing mammogram screenings for Breast Cancer. They have their High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic team set up a genetic risk-evaluation for at risk individuals. Let’s hope that other health facilities follow suite.

• Without even trying High School Cheerleading will unwittingly ‘jump’ (pun intended) into various newsworthy, cutting edge, stuff. Imagine cheering for this school, “Let’s Go …….”;

• Have any of you noticed that even talking about a specific service or product will have your screens pop-up with related ads within just a day? Probably no one is concerned in the least.

• Our little condo needed ceiling work in our guest bedroom. Like even ourselves as we age, real and cosmetic work is required to keep is in tip-top shape (wherever possible)

• This is so what our mind’s eye sees as all American. Unknown truck driver Edward Durr spent $153 on his campaign and ousted the sitting, powerful, New Jersey State Senate president. Guess who now controls as to which bills move forward? It does bring to mind a saying attributed to Sun Tzu; “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”

• This past week’s seven day average has the Covid death rate for the Scandinavian countries at: Norway 1, Denmark 2, and Sweden 5. These countries are totally open. Why are we not talking about such successes and the ‘why’?

• Today is Saturday November 6th 2021 and there are still Americans trapped in Afghanistan because the administration abandoned them.

• This week was a reflection on the life of Bert (my favorite Frisian, Dia’s, brother in law), RIP Bert.

• It’s a major Anniversary (50th) celebration for brother Pieter and SIL Jeanne (Neaners). Much love and happiness.

Make it a great week. Stay involved. Stay Happy. Remember, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a “things aren’t up and that is obvious” theorist. Best till next weekend.

Dirk – your curmudgeon

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