Morning all. So, its 4:30, pitch black and cold. But really, that’s not the issue. The issue is that I was watching sporting ‘stuff’ till 11:30 last evening. The ‘body-clock’ is a magnificent thing.

Earlier in the evening it was the 5th ranked Cincinnati Bearcats taking care of the USF ‘Bulls’ in Tulsa, FL [Bearcats won 45 – 28]; continuing on their all wins track. This was followed by a qualifier game to Soccer’s World Cup games in 2022 held at our new TQL stadium – USA vs Mexico [USA won 2 – 0]. For the town the international exposure is a good thing.

Every time the hotels and restaurants fill up it allows the city ‘fathers’ to contemplate using newly generated funds to expand our pint-sized streetcar line to operate more than just in a little loop – it’s called “thinking big”.

The short night prompted me to hit the “strong brew” button on our Mr. Coffee. The resultant coffee is good, but I really can’t tell the difference.

Cincinnati in the Civil War: Then and Now – I spent an hour and a half at an Empower U class on this topic. For a history fruitcake I was mesmerized. During the American Civil War, Cincinnati played a crucial role in preserving the United States. Not only was the city the North’s most populous in the West, but also it was the nation’s third most productive manufacturing center. As an example, over 60 steamboat paddle wheelers were built on our shores, and this was the primary site for the building of military supply wagons. The Gatlin gun was developed here (the world’s first practical machine gun).

Cincinnati, the Queen City of the West, served as a key provider of the Union’s soldiers, weapons, supplies, medical aid, and political influencers. Also, since the city had a medical school and the war effort required care for the wounded a hospital was set up, at one time treating over 2,900 wounded at one time. This established the beginnings of what is still used today, the military field hospital. We also took a dive into the presence of Salmon P. Chase. And who was he?

Salmon P. Chase – He lived much of his adult life in our town, was the co-founder of the Republican Party and a very vocal anti-slave advocate. He founded the IRS, established our national bank system with our U.S. “greenbacks” as our paper currency.

He created the phrase “In God We Trust” used on our coins. Opened the bond market to all citizens (prior to that it was only available so some select folk). And he was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during Reconstruction.

Most in our town only remember a strange name, Salmon P. Chase, as the name of our law school. As I started out by saying, it was a wonderful evening at Empower U.

January 20, 1942 and in a villa in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee a short meeting of 9 senior Nazi officials, lasting a mere 90 minutes, took place. In that short period these nine people developed, laid out, and initiated a plan for what would eventually cause the murder of almost 10-million people including what became the Final Solution of the Jewish Question (Endlösung der Judenfrage) – the destruction of the Jews in Europe.

At the time Germany was as civil a society as any place in the ‘civilized’ world. Yet, all it took was a carefully crafted plan put forth by a small handful on men. The wholesale slaughter of people by the millions was not because of a groundswell demand by the everyday citizenry; but because these everyday citizens were swept into this ‘maelstrom’ because the plan was well crafted, they didn’t really want to know, and closed their eyes to much of it.

I mention this, not as the crazy thoughts as a conspirator or ‘wannaby’ vigilant, but as an observer of what’s going on in our own nation. We’ve come to view the murder of 800-900,000 aborted fetuses per year as normal and a ‘right’. We leave hundreds of Americans and allies to their possible demise, including over a dozen young missionaries, in Afghanistan as a no concern, no big deal – just tell us more about Megan and Harry.

Our administration blithely disregards the ideals of the Constitution by ordering OSHA under a Covid-19 mandate to run ramshackle through businesses, or the IRS to be alerted when you write a check of $600. How about the introduction of values absolutely foreign to our culture? A culture seeking freedom of thought and speech and the acceptance of all races, with foreign to our liberty, constraining, values now being pushed into our schools and Universities. Need I continue?

Slowly inching towards the abyss……..

That was heavy, this is lighter – Brother Pieter and Jeanne were in Portland Oregon and got there via the train – 15-hours and a sleeper. Anyway, he decided to hold his radio show, Listening Lyrics, while riding the rails. Need some great music and a bit of banter? Sit back and have a listen (or park it for later listening since it’s a one-hour show)

And then this – remember that I own a French Citroën Deux Chevaux:

French cars just make any guy an automatic 10. I don’t make the rules, but that’s just how it is. ~ David Obuchowski (Peugot owner)

Fini –
• I am amazed, at the University of Maryland they’ve isolated a brand new human racial type: It’s the “Student of Color minus Asian” catagory. This has to be Nobel prize-worthy:

• John Cleese is as sharp as ever, even in his advancing years – this on 11-10-2021: “I was looking forward to talking to students at the Cambridge Union this Friday, but I hear that someone there has been blacklisted for doing an impersonation of Hitler……..I regret that I did the same on a Monty Python show, so I am blacklisting myself before someone else does”.

• Never forget that there will always be kids that are looking to be part of a family.

• For years, one of my favorite bits was the wonderful insights shared by the iconic Canadian on Hockey Night in Canada, Don Cherry. Sad that he was caught up in the cancel culture and made to disappear.

• Australian political cartoonist Michael Leunig was fired for drawing this cartoon – a little too close for comfort maybe? Can’t have that now can we?

• Yesterday I read that this weekend the Netherlands (72.1% fully vaccinated) is going back to full lockdown – both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Wonder how that’s going to impact the confidence of their vaccination campaign?

• The BEST campaign sign I spotted during our last election cycle. Mann has been involved for over 20+ years in local politics as a council member and former Mayor. He lost this round.


• As a former old-style Volkswagen owner I noted the ‘oddity’ immediately – so insightful

• I spotted an old interview with a young Dr. Fauci. During the start of the AIDS crisis he insisted that children could contract HIV through, his words; “ordinary close contact”. Dismissing the efficacy of therapeutic treatments, insisting on universal HIV/AIDS vaccination treatment. I think I’ve heard similar.

• Remember, that at least since the start of the WuFlu no politician has lost a paycheck (maybe ‘lost’ yes, but ‘missed’ no)

• Just in case you’re keeping track, this morning we started day 608 of the “15-days to slow the spread”.

• Keeping track of the inflation rate? You should.

As a conservative I have to apologize. I have steadfastly refused to acknowledge man created climate change even when we were broiling on our little blue globe. Now daylight is shortening, trees are losing their leaves, and Florida is hot. Question to self; how much proof do I need?

Make it a great week. Stay involved. Stay positive. Best till next weekend.

Dirk – your French car enthusiast

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