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02 26th, 2022

Morning all; What a week it’s been — and it’s not over yet. Pray for the people of the Ukraine as another ruthless dictator tries for an early start towards domination.

KHARKIV, Ukraine — is one of Cincinnati’s nine sister cities around the world. It is under attack after Russia invaded, without provocation, the Ukraine this week.

Delegations from the two cities met and signed documents; and as a result Cincinnati and Kharkiv, have been sister cities since September 11, 1989. Over 2,500 Cincinnati citizens have visited Kharkiv as a result, and currently there is a Cincinnati student-art exhibit there.

Buildings in our town are showing the colors of Ukraine as a symbol of solidarity. Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, 20-miles from the Russian border, is being targeted.

All of this begs the question, how and to what use are the millions of dollars we pump into the United Nations spent; has anyone heard a peep from them? Why has Putin not yet been cited with “crimes against humanity”? In fact, why do we continue to support the UN and its featherbedding ‘diplomats’?

Our current diplomatic – link in Europe is our Foreign Relations ‘expert’, Kamala Harris. She’s been recorded with the following gem; “Within the context then of the fact that that window is still opening, although, open, although it is absolutely narrowing, but within the context of a diplomatic path still being open.”

I cannot but marvel at this perfectly created ‘word-salad’.

Quote of the week – My favorite this week is from Elon Musk on Twitter to Senator Elizabeth Warren who commented on Musk (and other Billionaires) not paying enough in taxes;

”Will visit IRS next time I’m in DC just to say hi, since I paid the most taxes ever in history for an individual last year. Maybe I can have a cookie or something….” ~ Elon Musk

Canada – watching as it devolved into an updated version of a banana republic. Prime Minister Trudeau hob-nobs much better with the Devos crowd than with his own people. So, rather than meeting with the very folk, citizenry who only wanted discourse, he set on a path of sending in his ‘jackboots’.


I should point out that during the Ottawa protest not a single business was looted or burned down. The homeless were fed by the truckers of the Freedom Convoy and the streets were kept spotless. The street in front of Parliament was turned into an ice rink for kids. Veterans maintained security around the statues. These were the people called demagogues and treated like scum. No request to communicate was even answered.

Dutifully the police, military style, obeyed and crushed the protest rally. In a nation where 95+% of the mainstream media is on the public dole (to the tune of over $1.2-Billion) reporting following the party line is the standard.

There were exceptions (very few). So when Trudeau’s RCMP Calvary trampled an elderly woman on a mobility scooter – who turned out to be an elder in the Mohawk nation, things didn’t look so good. And, this event was reported world-wide by a number of alternative news sources.

Birthday – with just a day (and year) apart from mine is former Beatle, the late George Harrison (February 25, 1943). Musically the best Beatle and known as ‘the quiet Beatle’ – something I share with him in my family; I’m known in our family as ‘the quiet one’. Correct – yes?

Thursday I had a day worth remembering and was showered with more love then I could have conjured up in my wildest dreams. Pictures have already been shared with family, but here are a couple for everyone. Enjoy!


Fini –
• G.K. Chesterton is one of those who can encapsulate thought brilliantly, such as: “You do not know a tyranny until it is on top of you; until it has you in a trap. The tyrant is not present until he is omnipresent.

• Years ago, on a business trip in Egypt, I visited the pyramids in Giza. Actually climbed down the shaft to the funerary chamber. This week I came across this cut-away of what all is inside the structure and thought you’d appreciate.

• Professional MLS soccer’s season is starting today. This evening at 6:00PM our team, FC-Cincinnati will be playing Austin-FC in Austin. Last time I was in Austin I swung by their brand new (it was still under construction) stadium. Now, I am missing seeing this opener by just a few days. Grrrr!


• On my favorite walking trail it passes along the backyards of some houses. This family painted their fence and cut a couple of holes in it so that their two (pretty ‘yippy’) dogs can also see what’s going on. Reverse Zoo maybe?

• Painting by numbers can also make for a stunning picture. This was done by Kirstin to hang in the cabin. Since were here and not there we hung it here. Pretty sweet, don’t you agree?


• This past season our Bengal’s did pretty well. The “Who Dey” cheer was heard everywhere. Now, from the UK, comes this virtual Pub.

This evening Marcia and I will head for our favorite teeny-tiny hole in the wall Italian place – Biagio’s Bistro. After which we’ll walk two businesses over to the city’s best alternative movie theater. There we’re going to see Bill Murray read poetry and music by world renowned cellist Jan Vogler “rock the Acropolis in Greece” in a movie titled: NEW WORLDS: THE CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION.

It’s touted as; “a timeless mix of music, literature and poetry”. Murray will also be joined by piano and violin. Held at the 2,000 year old stage of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus it’ll feature music from Bach to van Morrison, Whitman to West Side Story. Marcia and I are both psyched and pumped!

OK, I know I need to complete my Taxes – just haven’t done it yet.

Best till next weekend – from Austin.


Roads do End
02 19th, 2022

Morning all; Saturday morning and 10-days before what seemed an eternity away last October 20th – it’ll be March 1st. It’s really HAPPENING! Our official harbinger of spring’s arrival!

 End of the road – is an reality; for everything. This week for me will be some kind of formal  notification as I celebrate (think; ‘march towards’) my birthday. This birthday has me ponder the iconic phrase by President Abraham Lincoln who started his Gettysburg Address with; “four score and seven years ago”. For me, I’ll be reminded that I am well underway clawing towards that number.

At Christmas time  – Kirstin introduced me to a book titled ‘A Beginner’s Guide to the End’ by B J Miller, MD and Shoshana Berger. It’s a wealth of understanding, a fount of knowledge, and easy to read. Whether we’re 20 or 80 we are all subject to the fragility of life itself. The book handles it.

The chapter on Hospital entry, processing, staying, and discharge is a beauty. Have an ‘easy-to-clear-up’ issue and it’s like going to a Fast Food restaurant and quickly emerge with a ‘Happy’ meal.

Need more and it becomes something like a top-of-the-line French place such as The French Laundry where the menu registers $$$$$. That place comes complete with a maître d’, a sommelier, wait staff, bar staff, sous chef, chef, dessert baker, busser, etc. Plus, a myriad of cutlery, glassware, and dishes; all with a specific function, all much more than merely baffling, overwhelming, and perplexing: hospitals are like that. The book gives you ‘hacks’ to make the process do-able.

What a great gift that was. I thought I’d share on the day after I updated my own Living Will.

This ‘shocker’ hit our news cycle this week. Oh, the HORROR of it all:

Quotes of the week – for my Canadian friends and readers – and for thinking folk wherever.

The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command ~ George Orwell ‘1984

And for anyone who needs a smile [read it carefully it is NOT a typo and it’s deeper than you think]:

will Trudeau fidel while Canada burns? ~ Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comic strip)

I’ve been asked why my focus on Canada? I love Canada, I love Canadians. We have property in Canada and we’ve lived in Canada. It is through a demagogue Prime Minister who functions little beyond that of an adolescent teenager that I’ve watched, almost in mere weeks, this great nation, devolve into an ugly statist system.

Exactly, what is it I’m talking about? This couple of minute Press announcement by Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister will explain. This is how her government is retroactively managing what had been a legal protest; initiated without any legislative sanction. A protest declared illegal retroactively by Canada’s current administration, on the basis of being publicly identified by the media, using stolen data from a fundraising website; all without a shred of direct knowledge of any violence.

Trudeau has launched a digital gulag whereby any Canadian citizen can be ‘erased’ without a shot being fired. It is also something of concern to all free peoples. Merely two months ago, no Canadian ever thought this could happen to them – with this ‘play’ bills can’t get paid, Credit Cards won’t function, ATM’s sit silent, and Savings accounts are locked! Totally OK and normal; in a free society?

Word of the week – For my friends in Canada as they watch their Government run rough shot over and negating their Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms comes this word:
“Hew” ~ the word has changed from shaping something to conforming or adhering to something, as to “hewing to the line”!
Quiz: Unscramble the letters LOPCMY into a word meaning to conform.

Fini –
• A week ago marked the anniversary – February 9, 1969 – of the Boeing 747 airliner. My absolute favorite to fly. The most special run was to Beijing, with brother Pieter where we had seats 1A and 1B. Marvelous – thanks again Pieter!

• Every so often Marcia tries to breach the subject with one of the grand-kids – to little avail. So, who remembers taking a ‘typing’ class in middle or high school?

• One more Ontario, Canada bit. Last week’s Super Bowl in LA’s SoFi center had it filled – most being maskless. Meanwhile it’s “illegal” to have more than 10 people in your home in Ontario.

• We had a Super Bowl party. It was an all-out food event. Amongst the edibles brought to the party was this from the Charcuterie tray brought by Marcia – the only bits left when everything ended. OK, what are you looking at? What in the world are these things anyway?

• Looking over on my desk I am reminded by Elon Musk’s words: “If you give yourself 30 days to clean your home it will take 30 days. But, if you give yourself 3 hours, it will take 3 hours.

• Back into a groove on my exercise program, walking, resistance workouts, and swimming. This was last Tuesday.

• Thursday we’ll be enjoying a dinner at Montgomery Inn (the Boathouse one for you aficionados). Can’t wait. Eating at the place is always a special joy!

Dinah won her indoor rowing race held this week. Fastest novice! Proud of you kiddo! Race held at the Boathouse as it is their winter training center (same as the place noted above)

Finally, this from Victor Hugo: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent

Maybe I’ll next spend a little time working on the very special birthday gift from brother Pieter. Yes it’s a Rubik’s Cube, but instead of 9-tiles per side, this one has 25! It is also made up of photos from my past. On second thought, it’ll be better to just look at it some more.

OK, actually it’s now Tax time – the official end to 2021.


Best till next weekend.


What a Week
02 12th, 2022

Morning all; we’re Baaaack! After a week which proved to be way too short. Many great memories were stored during the week. And now, a flood of them emerge as I take my first sips of morning coffee. By the way, this is Who Dey! weekend. A certain 50-year old franchise, which has made this community go bonkers, will emerge winners at Super Bowl LVI.

Face Plant – has become a regular pastime of mine. Leaving town last weekend was no different. This time it was stepping out of the car at the airport onto a patch of glaze ice. It was a ‘first’ for me; going through TSA with blood running down my leg – at least I still managed going through the ‘Pre-Check’ line.

I did get to see our flight get De-Iced – twice over:

Quote of the week – for any given February winter’s day:

”Fellow heart owners – walk off that headache instead. Just don’t walk too fast. Especially if it’s snowing. And you missed breakfast. And you’re worried about lockdown. And you recently made a bed. Let’s be careful out there, that’s all I am saying.” ~ Neil Oliver

The brothers together – and as Sandy said; “So fun to see the four of you laughing till you cried. Forever young!” It was a a weekend way more than special.

We, the four brothers, needed to practice a special routine done to a Dutch Birthday song for our twin cousins in Amsterdam. I think that we struggled somewhat more than anticipated. The birthday girls in Amsterdam we could hear/see laughing on Face Time so I think it worked.

Whenever a get together happens, food plays a major role. How about Dutch Zoute Haring and cheeses?


How about stacks of Dutch pancakes made on the grill outside?

How about bottles of Limoncello made of lemons from Art’s tree?


How about a chicken salad to die for?

How about a ‘Cuban’ croquette sandwich?

How about Art fixing a great Risotto?

But best of all – just sitting and talking. Just walking and talking. Even just playing ‘footsie’!



Word of the week – For my friends in Canada as they watch their Government run rough shot over all their published rights:
“Inquination” ~ (15 century): the action of polluting, defiling, or corrupting.
Powerfully accurate word during these times! Thinking of you all.

As I read recently:

the truckers should tell the government, “the sooner you comply, the sooner we can go back to normal. We’re all in this together.”

Not to be left out, here is a bit of Trudeau ‘brilliance’ directly from his mouth:

”I can understand frustrations with mandates, but mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions.” What a clown!

As a Will Chamberlain observed; “how many trucks can Trudeau tow if the tow trucks won’t tow trucks?”

Game of the Day – an update of an old one, now re-named: “Where’s Trudo?”

Fini –
• Our hometown corporation, Procter & Gamble has a series of cleaning establishments called, Tide Cleaners. This week they’re cleaning any Orange item for free.

• With a number of birthdays falling this month, I paid a little more attention to the, somewhat, morbid. This is a proposal by Pat Sajak who just designed his tombstone. It’ll read: “R _ P. I’d like to buy a vowel.”

• Happy Birthdays to Dave Z, Karen H, and Jacqueline P.

• Barely a week goes by without hearing the phrase “Climate Change” so this is my offering for this week (couldn’t resist): “If we divide 125 genders by three bathrooms, how much climate change do we have?”

Please, no phone calls tomorrow evening. We’ll be immersed in our current Football glory with the Bengals, and thus busy watching a win unfold.

Have a wonderful new week and stay positive, be healthy, and skip all thoughts of performing your own Face Plant.

Best till next weekend.

Dirk – who does a Swan dive at any airport of choice.