Morning all; we’re Baaaack! After a week which proved to be way too short. Many great memories were stored during the week. And now, a flood of them emerge as I take my first sips of morning coffee. By the way, this is Who Dey! weekend. A certain 50-year old franchise, which has made this community go bonkers, will emerge winners at Super Bowl LVI.

Face Plant – has become a regular pastime of mine. Leaving town last weekend was no different. This time it was stepping out of the car at the airport onto a patch of glaze ice. It was a ‘first’ for me; going through TSA with blood running down my leg – at least I still managed going through the ‘Pre-Check’ line.

I did get to see our flight get De-Iced – twice over:

Quote of the week – for any given February winter’s day:

”Fellow heart owners – walk off that headache instead. Just don’t walk too fast. Especially if it’s snowing. And you missed breakfast. And you’re worried about lockdown. And you recently made a bed. Let’s be careful out there, that’s all I am saying.” ~ Neil Oliver

The brothers together – and as Sandy said; “So fun to see the four of you laughing till you cried. Forever young!” It was a a weekend way more than special.

We, the four brothers, needed to practice a special routine done to a Dutch Birthday song for our twin cousins in Amsterdam. I think that we struggled somewhat more than anticipated. The birthday girls in Amsterdam we could hear/see laughing on Face Time so I think it worked.

Whenever a get together happens, food plays a major role. How about Dutch Zoute Haring and cheeses?


How about stacks of Dutch pancakes made on the grill outside?

How about bottles of Limoncello made of lemons from Art’s tree?


How about a chicken salad to die for?

How about a ‘Cuban’ croquette sandwich?

How about Art fixing a great Risotto?

But best of all – just sitting and talking. Just walking and talking. Even just playing ‘footsie’!



Word of the week – For my friends in Canada as they watch their Government run rough shot over all their published rights:
“Inquination” ~ (15 century): the action of polluting, defiling, or corrupting.
Powerfully accurate word during these times! Thinking of you all.

As I read recently:

the truckers should tell the government, “the sooner you comply, the sooner we can go back to normal. We’re all in this together.”

Not to be left out, here is a bit of Trudeau ‘brilliance’ directly from his mouth:

”I can understand frustrations with mandates, but mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions.” What a clown!

As a Will Chamberlain observed; “how many trucks can Trudeau tow if the tow trucks won’t tow trucks?”

Game of the Day – an update of an old one, now re-named: “Where’s Trudo?”

Fini –
• Our hometown corporation, Procter & Gamble has a series of cleaning establishments called, Tide Cleaners. This week they’re cleaning any Orange item for free.

• With a number of birthdays falling this month, I paid a little more attention to the, somewhat, morbid. This is a proposal by Pat Sajak who just designed his tombstone. It’ll read: “R _ P. I’d like to buy a vowel.”

• Happy Birthdays to Dave Z, Karen H, and Jacqueline P.

• Barely a week goes by without hearing the phrase “Climate Change” so this is my offering for this week (couldn’t resist): “If we divide 125 genders by three bathrooms, how much climate change do we have?”

Please, no phone calls tomorrow evening. We’ll be immersed in our current Football glory with the Bengals, and thus busy watching a win unfold.

Have a wonderful new week and stay positive, be healthy, and skip all thoughts of performing your own Face Plant.

Best till next weekend.

Dirk – who does a Swan dive at any airport of choice.

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