Morning all; Even though it’s still dark and quiet this week’s Ramblings will arrive a little later than normal. Changing time zones does that you know.

I started setting my watch while still in the air heading for Kirstin’s. Let it be known that my Casio Pro Trek is the best watch I’ve ever had (a gift from Jason a few years ago). With over 30 city settings and the ability to set time via longitude and latitude means only one thing – deadly accuracy.

45-minutes of trying had my time set several hours off, That evening at Kirstin’s here in Austin, had me work on the thing another hour; to no avail.

I downloaded the manual and poked around a few You Tubes. So, when I finally got it correct, to the minute, in Austin’s Central time zone it was almost a bit of a let-down, A ho-hum moment. What I have learned to do is keep looking at the thing just to make certain it hadn’t changed time zones on its own.

First three days in Austin — I realized the evening prior to my leave-at-dawn flight that my sinuses were set to explode with the beginning of a cold. It had been so long since I had one, that what was left from the Cold Alka-seltzer Plus tablets years ago were now mere ‘bits’ in swollen packages.

Even though I am still searching for new, secret, locations where Kirstin hides the Kleenex, I am definitely on the mend. “Plink, Plink, Fizz” thank you very much.

Tools in hand – Actually, I’ve already gotten a pretty decent jump on the “To-Do” list. Simple stuff like dragging potted garden plants from their winter storage in the garage into the yard; with the help of Derek. Then, it was on to the slightly more complex, repairing a kitchen cupboard hinge.

Most noticeable was the setting in order of the backyard Pergola – this was celebrated by Kirstin and I making use of the place. Anyway, there are a dozen or so items on the list. Most fun will be dealing with the security camera/lights above the garage door.

Quote of the week –

”I do not want my picture in your offices, for the President is not an icon or a portrait. Hang your kid’s photos instead – and look at them each time you are making a decision.” ~ Volodymyr Zelenskyy President of the Ukraine

Recently I read (forget where exactly) that everything reported about war by governments, mainstream media, much alternative media, and by the ignorant public at large, is little more than lies and deceit. Assuming that to be correct (and it probably is), it’s an opportune time to quote Orwell one more time:
War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.” George Orwell, 1984

Fini –
• Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas made mention that this past week 15 Russians and 15 Chinese were apprehended crossing the border illegally. The question is why, and how many more actually made it? Why are we not controlling our border?

• Last weekend I made my way through a new section of the walking trail. Something new to explore and to see.

• One way as a reminder that you’re living in a city founded by German immigrants. Just look at the signs and the buildings.


• The current administration had our AG write a letter to the DOJ asking them to monitor parents who seek change (especially with School Boards promoting Critical Race Theory style agendas) and view them as Domestic Terrorists. Now 14 States are using Freedom of Information Act channels to have the AG turn over communications with the National School Boards Association. Just thought you’d want to know.

George Chakiris starred in the 1961 movie; West Side Story. He was Bernardo and a member of the Sharks. Turns out he was born in a house I pass weekly on my exercise walks – on Sherman Avenue. Apparently his father, a Greek immigrant had a sweet shop in the front of the place. Currently it’s a home contracting business.

• Russia’s attack on the largest European Nuclear Power Plant, the Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine has now been labeled a War Crime. Since the ‘world’ appears to speechify mostly, what exactly does this mean?

Best till next weekend – after which I’ll finish my taxes.


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