As my little side-banner states, “Happy Saturday”, and it’s already off to a good start. I just started Mr. Coffee with the first pot of Tim Hortons coffee from my new purchase. We were just about out of coffee and I happened to be at Costco. Lo and behold, a whole space dedicated to Tim Hortons, 3-lb tins of medium roast.

Then the phone rang and it was Paul. I had been thinking it was about time for me to give him a call – then he beat me to it. At one point he could hear some loud car barreling away from the Stop sign outside and wondered what he had heard. That talk turned to occasionally (about once a year) seeing a huge cadre of motorbikes blast by; but none so far. It wasn’t but an hour later Marcia and I were regaled by probably about 70 bikes of all sizes and shapes racing on by at speed – none even slowed one iota careening through the corner Stop sign. The ‘corner of Chaos and Mayhem‘ had come alive. The level of self-entitlement some people display is astounding.

A while later it was Marcia who heard on the Police scanner me that our Futball ‘soccer’ Club was playing Orlando and there was extra activity by the stadium. I knew about the game but had forgotten (not an age thing), so on went the TV and I ended up seeing a great defensive game. Our boys won 1 – 0.

As I said, the weekend is off to a great start.

Coffee Trivia –:
Now that age is creeping up on me, it’s the Japanese who believe that bathing in coffee grounds fermented with pineapple pulp will reduce wrinkles and beautify the skin. Should I try it?

It’s become so that hardly anyone actually sends a letter via a postal service, but let me share this bit from Brazil. At one time Brazil created a stamp that smelled like coffee. This stamp was designed to promote Brazilian coffee; allegedly the smell would stay for almost five years.

One of the most pathetic—and dangerous—signs of our times is the growing number of individuals and groups who believe that no one can possibly disagree with them for any honest reason ~ Thomas Sowell, Professor and Philosopher

For the children? – Full blown is the push to vaccinate our youngest children, down to the toddlers, against Covid; they are the very least and most minimally affected. There have been virtually no (as in zero) proper studies for efficacy and long term effects. Nevertheless, parents are told it’s “the science”. Those of us who label this as ‘child abuse’ (and there are many) are pushed aside. Are parents being urged to jab only by ‘conjecture’?

I just want everyone to dig into their memory banks, on the tragedy, then also in the name of “the science”, which we hoisted on our most vulnerable; the elderly. When seniors living in institutional facilities were locked up and inaccessible; where thousands died in bitter isolation. It was ‘the science’ you know.

History will not speak kindly of this.

Willie Nelson update – and the concert we’re heading to is only about a month out. Just about every week I pass on to Marcia something Willie related to build anticipation. This was this week’s offering – definitely worth a listen – especially if you like this piece by Charles Aznavour:

A ‘goon’ squad? – Is it just me, or has the FBI turned into a partisan goon squad? Available on beck and call; operating during the dark of night with CNN standing by, cameras rolling. Performing more than questionable legal activities, all at the behest of the current administration. Struggling with this?

There is a lot which the FBI won’t touch. How about beginning with Hunter Biden, his breaking of gun laws and his influence-peddling schemes; where they claim they can’t even find the guy’s laptop though signed over to them two years ago. Then, how about Epstein’s ‘fixer’, Ghislaine Maxwell – how many names in her little Black book are being questioned? Answer, none.

But, here’s what they can (and are) doing to name just a couple;

• Paul Manafort pulled out of bed in his pajamas by a ‘swat’ team (with CNN cameras across the street) and hauled in when he had informed that his attorney was willing to meet and discuss.
• Sweeping the offices of Project Veritas and treating James O’Keefe like a criminal after they had legally purchased Ashley Biden’s diary, which includes an allegation of possible misconduct by the current president.
• The latest is a raid on Michael McDonald, the Republican chairman in Nevada, and the seizure of his phone. Crime? A “fake electors” scheme where some Republican electors pledging to vote for Donald Trump. As the report notes, that move was purely ceremonial and held no legal weight.

Aside of political shenanigans at the start of the mid-term elections (impeccable timing people), what we’re seeing is a two-tiered justice system. The damage to the reputation of the FBI is palpable. I just thought you’d want to know – unless you do want to see our nation turn into the likes of a ‘Banana’ Republic, then never mind.

Meanwhile we’re watching our leadership march on. By the way, the magic word of the day is “Asufutimael’haehfutbw”:

Bluenose – This month- 6-years ago – Marcia and I spent time in the Canadian maritime provinces. A highlight of that trip (there were many) was a close-up look at the upkeep effort taking place on the schooner, the Bluenose in Halifax harbor. What’s the significance of this ship? Oh, not too much, it’s just the etched picture on every Canadian dime. Thought I’d make note of this great memory.


Fini –
• Here in the ‘hood there is a whole new way for ensuring your car is properly locked.

• without specificitySCOTUS isn’t illegitimate, they are the final word, and they didn’t strike down any law yesterday.” Found on the web.

• With the current cost of gasoline (something we made note of on our 1,000 mile trip a week or so ago); “Vladimir Putin did NOT cancel the Keystone Pipeline”!

• This week I discovered that the Quaker sect is only about 350,000 workd wide. In the USA there are approximately 87,000 Quakers out of the 350,000. Therefore, with so few in number, I thought it interesting that a mere few blocks from our home and in our neighborhood, is a Community of Friends – Quaker house of worship.

• Unthinking heroism: Anita Alvarez lost consciousness in the pool during world water championships in Budapest. Spaniard Fuentes, past Olympic Gold Medalist, jumped into the pool and brought Alvarez back to the surface and aid (apparently she is OK).

• Remember the 500-million per day plastic straws in the ocean hysteria? It seems that stat was an invention by a nine year old for a school project. I suspect the kid got an A+.

• Yesterday morning there were 5 planets of our solar system perfectly aligned, something not to occur again until the year 2040. Somehow, wanting to see this, I thought it was to be Friday evening. Whoops, me bad!

• Four days ago it was the summer Solstice. In Wollongong, NSW, Australia an artist built this very special bench. Cutting slices into the seat at an angle of 34°. This is perfect for the winter solstice in that region to create a striped shadow. For their summer solstice cutting holes at a 74° degree angle changes the shadow to a polka dot pattern of shadows.


• Brother Art has an amazing Lemon tree. Last Christmas he made us all bottles of Lemoncello. This is what I spotted at Aldi’s this week. It’s a whole new opportunity!

• Love Tesla? This past week their model Y & model 3 were named the “most American-made vehicles in the USA” by BTW, the largest car company in the US, GM, was not listed in the top 10.

• People love colors; they contain all sorts of meaning. Historically we still refer to the era of ‘yellow’ journalism. How many years before kids will refer to something called ‘blue’ journalism?

• Our Ikea kitchen faucet broke. It had a 10-year warranty. Bought in 2014 it took a few minutes of paperwork and a runner to grab a replacement. Back home, in less than an hour it was a ‘voila’ moment. Nice Customer Service Ikea.

• Maybe I should repeat until this is over so here it is again; “I know that with all that’s happening it’s easy to forget that we are still holding January 6 ‘political’ prisoners in prison in DC. They have not been formally charged and by not having a ‘speedy’ trial are being denied their basic human rights.”

Ciao, and be well till next weekend. Wish a fruitful and wonderfully meaningful life to all the newborns that now have a chance to achieve it. Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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