Enjoy a wonderful Saturday. Mid-week the weather here turned ‘rough’ and Marcia and I were completely unaware. We were at an event in the core of the city (see below). Upon leaving we saw sheets of rain and curbside, 4-foot in diameter, ceramic planters blown over lying on their sides.

The rains eased quickly and the two of us hustled to a nearby coffee shop in case there was round two. Plus they really did have some great coffee and scones.

Using our ‘Geezer-Pass’ we took the transit bus home. Once there the news informed that the nearby small town of Goshen had been hit by a Tornado with winds between 113mph and 130mph. Wiped out in the resultant mess were the fire station and the police station; in other words, all the services needed in an emergency.

Coffee Trivia –:
In 1906, a Belgian man living in Guatemala by the name George Washington invented instant coffee. Unlike President George Washington, I have little use for this Washington’s invention.

Dutch Farmers –:

”My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher. But every day – three times a day – you need a farmer” ~ Brenda Schoepp – farmer

In conjunction with the new World Order, probably as drafted by the World Economic Forum, Dutch farmers have been ordered to cut back on food production in order to fight “climate change”. Reduce livestock and nitrogen levels in the fields by 30%.

In rough numbers, our atmosphere consists of 78% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. Hence the ordered 30% reduction for these farmers is meaningless in and of itself. Bankrupting long standing family farms and cause food shortages in Europe has to be a ploy for something much more; there is something much bigger in play.

Hence, the Dutch farmers have gone to the Canadian Trucker’s playbook with peaceful blockades. It now also seems like the government has gone to the same playbook with a Canadian-style crackdown. Not good and very sad.

One additional question, can anyone explain why this major and ongoing event is getting little or no play in our media?

By the way, notice that the old bugaboo, CO2, as a cause of “climate change” has been pretty well debunked. Nitrogen is now the new enemy?

The photo below showing Plymouth Rock tells the tale of the seriousness of the rise of our ocean waters. How many millions have the likes of Obama, Gates, Bazos, and numerous others spent on waterfront properties? Hmmmm?

Vincent van Gogh only lived to age 37, yet in that short time he produced over 3,000 paintings, even more sketches, and nearly 1,000 letters – most to his brother Theo. He was a painter of little note during his lifetime and now is regarded as one of the true masters. It is through these letters that we’ve gained insight into how his ‘minds-eye’ saw the world.

With that detail as a backdrop, on Wednesday Marcia and I attended a touring event going under the banner of; Vincent van Gogh, The Immersive Experience. We both agree that it was one of the most amazing and impressive art functions we’ve ever attended!

Rather than me ‘blathering’ on and on – take a look:

First is this 30-second video clip showing a morsel of van Gogh’s extensive Japanese phase.


Rugby – is now sitting with his legs crossed. This week, while the gang is vacationing, my relationship with their dog, Rugby, has grown immensely. He happily accompanies me on several walks a day. In turn I not only make certain he gets fed, but that he also gets a treat – occasionally.

So, I best cut this short and start ‘walk of the day’ #1.

Fini –

• This week it was a Happy Birthday to Marin.

• This past week was former Beatle, Ring Star’s, 82nd Birthday

• Back from vacation, Kirstin had a bount of Covid, but now is well on the road to recovery. This virus seems to act different for almost everyone, most running between a mild to a more knock-you-down level of flu.

• Last week’s Rambling I focused in part on a Canadian grandmother (who was a police dispatcher for almost 40 years). Who has been charged with the massive crime of ‘mischief’ due to her involvement in the Canadian Trucker’s Freedom Convoy, spent time in jail waiting for a hearing, and was finally extended bail (on a second try). Then received special permission to attend a gala where she was awarded an annual national “Freedom” award. And now is again in jail for breaking her bail conditions all for taking a group photograph after her appreciation speech. Where has the Canada of my youth gone?

The following video clearly outlines both the nuttiness and corruption used by the government to lock up this quiet 5” tall woman.

Ciao, after a slow start, last weekend’s Fire Works were on full display. The crackling and booms went on for several hours.
I did take a break to first walk Rugby, a 1-miler before the rains start. He was great and I promised him a treat. Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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