A great Saturday morning to everyone. Mid-week I drove back from the North Woods in Canada. The biggest shock was the 20-degree temperature and humidity jump (although nothing like the 100+ degree temperatures my brothers in California are experiencing).

I started the truck and left Northern Comfort at exactly 4:30AM. By 6:00AM I arrived at a deserted Border checkpoint. From that point on the homeward push was on, pulling to a halt in front of our Condo at four in the afternoon.

I’ve paid a bit of a body ‘re-set’ in the days since. Yesterday I did join the brothers for our morning Zoom, exercise session – so maybe I am getting back to normal.

Morning coffee trivia: I believe I am correct when I mention that when we smell coffee at the beginning of our day, it will help us properly wake up. My coffee has been made and I’ve downed my first cup. All is well.

”You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” ~ Alan Alda

why ‘solo’ in the woods? Having a cabin also means that there are requisite things to do (as I discovered seeing the 2 to 3 foot grasses surrounding the place). So there were an array of chores.

However, 3-books later it also means that the peace and quiet was something to relish. Then the walks and paddling ventures by kayak were more than just a bonus. All of this while being surrounded by nature’s choir – everything from yodeling Loons to chattering Otters (with Crows and Ravens providing the base lines). Can’t forget the close-by ‘tail-slap’ from a Beaver diving into its lodge either.

So, rather than chatter on and on, here is my stay in Northern Comfort in picture form. Enjoy (and be certain to click on each to expand your view).

Some of us were heading north, others preparing to head south

dinner at the Outpost

Rib Roast and games at the nearby Wharncliffe Community hall


reading time

Animal Kingdom




time with family & friends


work never ceased

And as always, the one that wasn't caught!

Fini –

• Brother George is celebrating his Birthday today.

• This past Thursday my mother would have been 111 years old. Kirstin wrote some beautiful words which I think worth repeating. Thanks Kirstin.

On September 1st, 111 years ago, my grandmother, our Omi, was born. I came across her obituary again recently and I was reminded not only of what an incredible human being she was, but also of her fortitude and the similarity of us becoming fairly young widows with sons to raise. In fact both of our youngest sons were age 11 when their dads died. Over the past few years whenever I’m feeling down I think of her and the courage and strength she had to help get me through. How I would love to be able to sit with her now over a cup of tea and talk about how she was able to get through those times. I truly don’t know how she managed, alone with 4 boys in a new country. And if you happen to know my dad and uncles, you know it wasn’t easy! We’re celebrating you today, Omi. Happy Birthday!

• Cleaning out my mailbox after returning I had received an update from our local 17-member Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra and their evening later this month featuring two members of the Rolling Stones’ touring band. BAM! Tickets were secured immediately!

Ciao. Stay strong, stay involved, and stay happy. Keep on storming the castle.

Pray for Peace.


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