It’s a big one – weekend that is. Half the family will be off Apple picking. The other half (me) is off to the City’s Octoberfest Zinzinnati. I think that 120 varieties/brands of beer won out over three or four varieties of apples. Especially when that is in combination with 30+ food vendors and 30 musical acts (yup, it is the largest Octoberfest in the nation and second only to the original in Munch, Germany).

Besides, who can resist joining thousands doing the ‘Chicken Dance’, or watch the “Running of the Wieners.”

But it’s now still dark outside and my coffee is done; I can still wish that I didn’t have to get up and pour my own mug, can’t I? A delivery service similar to the way beer is served would be wonderful!

Morning Coffee Trivia: As just said, it’s morning and time to enjoy my coffee. I accept that it was Ulla Suoraniemi (coffee training expert in Helsinki) who thought that; “Coffee is the answer……who cares what the question is.”

Politicians vs Preachers – I’ve watched too many Senate hearings and the like. At each the amount of ‘double-speak’, obfuscation, ‘twisting in the wind’ all make someone like me cynical.

Hence, local boy Earl Pitts, to the rescue. He related in his own, story telling way, how it’s all the same whether politician or preacher. Here, listen to his words:

Thursday excitement Thursday evening is when we’re off to an evening with the CCJO (Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra) our town’s premier 17-piece jazz group. That in and of itself would be great, but for this season’s opener two members of the Rolling Stones touring band will join on stage.

Saxophonist Tim Ries and vocalist Bernard Fowler will join in with some of the Stones’ greatest hits. Hits that were all written by Cincinnati native Matt Harris!

The venue is the old converted Redmoor theater just down the street from our former home in Hyde Park. It’s a small venue and has an excellent chef on site—yup, it’ll be a dinner and music evening. Should be a fabulous time.


THE Corner Just to show how the ‘beat goes on’ at the corner of “Chaos and Mayhem”. Last week I posted a picture of a police cruiser securing our driveway while exploring what went on with a ‘Shot-Spotter’ notification of shots fired on an adjacent street.

This is a photograph taken this past week from the exact same angle, of Police and Fire (medical) on a call – it was a mental health issue a couple of doors down (cutting and the like). As they say about New York, but also applies at C&M, “the city (corner) never sleeps.”

Fini –

• I’ve been listening to a lengthy discussion on Economics. A preferred trend is to view wealth/poverty/trends through the lens of ‘time required’ as a cost; thus a constant throughout history and location is achieved. Using that, here is an example; “For the time it took our grandparents to earn the money to buy one song in 1955, we get 19,750 songs today.” This can be applied just as readily as work required to buy a pound of sugar in the mid-1800s versus today (1 to several hundred). Interesting stuff indeed.

• Spotted on the internet in response to the travel crisis: “Thoughts and prayers to the people of Martha’s Vineyard who are under a state of humanitarian crisis (125 National Guard were dispatched) thanks to the presence of 50 illegal immigrants.”

• Talking about dispatching authorities, this week the ‘My Pillow’ guy, returning from some Duck hunting in Iowa was surrounded by a series of massive black SUVs filled with FBI agents while sitting at a Hardees drive-through. The search had them confiscate a cell phone and discover an array of contraband found scattered in his car (proudly displayed). Confiscation of cell phones has become a ‘thing’ for every one of these raids (except for anyone named ‘Hillary”).


• Ever wondered what all the little spots on a QR code mean? I have and finally found the answer – which I still barely understand.

• Also seen, and something I made note of since the mid-term elections are just on the horizon. I spotted this by Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch; “Early voting is bad public policy.” I agree wholeheartedly!

• While in Canada I made plans to head for an evening of Poetry reading held at a restored Round Barn – one of a remaining handful of the exquisite structures. Vernon, who was the reader, came down with Covid and the event postponed. This past week Marlene and Donn attended the rescheduled event and she took this spectacular photo looking straight up the canopy of the barn. Isn’t it amazing?

• Almost every evening this week I’ve tuned in to watch the latest SpaceX launch from Cape Canaveral. Every day it’s been scrubbed late into the countdown due to weather. Last evening was no different. Tonight is the night?

• Look at the attached photo. How many of you are old and wise enough to remember why the two little triangles were part of the radio’s dial at the 1240 and 640 positions. No cheating, but if you can’t stand it anymore, look up ‘Control of Electromagnetic Radiation’ or CONELRAD.

Ciao. Stay strong, stay involved, and be happy – life is precious!

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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