It’s Saturday morning and our town is alive! FC Cincinnati clinched a spot in the playoffs and will be playing later today, and Blink is in full swing.

I managed to drag myself to the Blink opening evening parade on Thursday and then, last evening, went into the city with the Ongoleas to catch the start. I love this stuff! More on Blink below.

But first, a bit of coffee. I emptied our can of Tim Hortons blend. See just how totally useful Tim Hortons containers can be?

Tucking in the cabin — It was Donn & Marlene who were the last to close up. They were also the only ones who experienced the fall colors. Therefore, I was thrilled with the fact that they stopped by Northern Comfort to document that all was well. Thanks guys!


BLINK – Our city’s immersive Arts show is back after a Covid hiatus: our nation’s largest outdoor light festival. Expected are a million and a half visitors to the event; all wanting to experience and to be part of the more than 100 installations. It’s an amazing event of block after block of music, large-scale projection mappings, murals, and interactive light sculptures. It spans 30 city blocks, across the river and into Covington Kentucky – about a mile and a half of sites to see.

Thirty artists including international artists from 14 nations submitted works. One which is amazingly impressive is the work of an Australian artist who worked remotely from her studio in Melbourne. She wanted dancers to be part of her display and used local school students to perform; their dance routine was then melded into her work along with reflective visuals from Australia.

Since BLINK is a visual experience – here are several short YouTube bits to give you a flavor and let you in on the experience. Guess which one of these I recorded.

A couple of photos to start and show that we were all ‘eyes and ears’ as part of the show.


Overview of last evening:

Honoring the people of the Ukraine

250 strong, Drone show:

Scene from on the Ohio River banks:

And for those with a bent for something from Greece, how about 80,000 square feet of art from Greece:

Wrap Up video (love to see you at a future BLINK):

Fini –
• This week it was wishing Paul birthday greetings (he’s one of the very few October folk on my ‘rolodex’ (remember what a ‘rolodex’ is?)

• Finally for this ‘Fini”, instead of a blurb on crazy political shenanigans or matters to better control us little people with outrageous climate spewing Let me just finish with this:

Ciao. Stay strong, keep learning, and be happy – and support the Arts (we all need those to enrich our lives)!

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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