Happy 1st of October everyone! And I am sitting here with a shot of Bourbon. Bourbon? Yup, see, when you’re reading this I’ll also be enjoying my morning java. But, since it’ll be a hugely packed day I am laying the groundwork for this week’s Ramblings Friday evening – and enjoying a bit of Bourbon doing so. Make sense?

This afternoon (Saturday that is) we’re having a block party. The focal point will be in front of our old home. Street blocked off, 25+ homes represented, foods, a desert truck, and adult beverages. This will go on till 10PM and there is rumor of a party after the party.

In the meantime, I am picking up ‘Our Duck’ the Deux Chevaux. Marcia is doing her baked bean specialty as part of the dinner fare, and then we’re both driving it into the thick of things. If the weather is as promised I’ll even have the top down.

This past week — I realized that in just five months I’ll have another birthday – that’s less than half a year. I am Panicking!

Five months is way too short a time to recruit an evil mini-me, a Klaus Schwab (he of the World Economic Forum) type, as a new add-on cast member to play alongside Peter Sellers the main character in a favorite movie of mine Doctor Strangelove, by Stanley Kubrick. It’s the movie I plan to watch on my special day next February.

Had I only been a year younger I would have selected another Kubrick film, A Clockwork Orange. However turning ‘fourscore plus one’ years of age also means that some things must remain, sadly, just a memory. Its comments on juvenile delinquency, gangs, social, and even political subjects, would be too much.

Watching that movie once more could lead to me exhibiting untoward outbursts should, heaven forbid, I be shipped to ‘The Home’.

The Three Amigos live across the street from us (truth be told, there are really four amigos). It’s cute how each has a different body type (as a student of these things, Marcia will be happy to detail).
It’s the start of a new month and it appears they’re moving out – so sad; but, then maybe we’re wrong.

Venice, (Nokomis) FL – was hurricane Ian’s ‘bulls-eye’. I am willing to place odds that the piered, thatch roofed, and on the water Pop’s Sunset Grill in that town is the only place left standing. And that the ‘gentleman’ who plied Cathy and Marcia with free whiskey shots is still on his seat at the bar. Really, the odds are pretty good!

In all seriousness, prayers go out to all who have been impacted by this storm. George and Sandy’s home in Naples came through unscathed, they even kept power. Think that walls made of concrete and rebar, with underground utilities, made a difference?

Chaos & Mayhem corner – Barely a week goes by without something new and exciting. This week it was the re-lining of the stormsewers on and next to our property. This 30-second clip was taken from our balcony (we smelled the chemicals most of the day):

Honkey Tonk Woman – Last week’s Ramblings had details on a wonderful evening with our Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. Well, Sunday I and a small group of fewer than 50 met up with players from that evening. Included were the Rolling Stones’ Saxophonist, Tim Ries, and the pianist, Phil de Greg with his Trio.


Two hours of fabulous music. This included the Stones’ great hit; Honkey Tonk Woman, like you’ve not heard it before. Listen (volume up) and pay attention to the marvelous Upright Bass solo!

LS-325 – began service landing troops and equipment on Utah Beach in Normandy on ‘D’ Day, June 6, 1944 when our troops breached the beaches as our first move into Nazi held Europe during WWII. Then LS-325 made many hundreds more ferry runs. Now it’s the oldest perfectly functional Navy ship afloat and the only remaining LST (Landing Ship Tank) left.

Thursday I walked to the riverfront and spent two hours exploring the ship. Volunteers keep the ship operational and crews of 50 volunteers rotate service, they eat sleep aboard. Even the ship’s 40mm guns were fired. Talking with many of these old-timers was a true privilege. For me it was a wonderful day.


Memes – are often in your face, often subtle, messages. The good ones make you smile and make you think. Take a moment by each and explore whether or not there is a deeper or broader meaning. I see them as a newer version of the editorial cartoons of yore.


Fini –

• The women of Iran are protesting the regime’s horrific treatment of women. It started when a student displayed her hair by removing the hijab. She was murdered while in custody. This beautiful piece of protest art is ever so powerful:

• Looking at weather reports I spotted a subtle change in the manner weather is reported in Canada. Any opportunity they can find to hammer home their preferred view and reason for the ever increasing carbon tax.

• Small talk at the check-out at Trader Joe’s seems to always have the cashier ask very personal questions. Or is that just me?

• The crews tuck-pointing the old LeBlond smokestack have a bit of a climb to get to their ‘office’. Hats off to these guys.


Walking through the core of a ghetto area I spotted this written on the door of a derelict-looking building. Maybe some good things are actually happening inside.

• Schrödinger’s plates. Plates are both broken and not broken until the door is opened

• Preparedness. The staging area for arriving power/line crews near the Villages in FL prior to Ian’s arrival. They were ready!

• Living in a city with huge diversity often opens up one’s eyes, I spotted this church sign which was new to me.

• We live on a road commonly used by funeral processions. Occasionally we see this hearse pass by. I’ve told our Duck that when it grows up it too can handle such important work.


Yellow Pages were delivered to our building. What are they for?

Ciao. Stay strong, stay involved, and be happy – life is precious!

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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