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A Nonet & Discord
11 26th, 2022

If it ain’t got the lick, it ain’t slick ~ Miles Davis

More on Miles in a bit; but first, a happy and fine Saturday morning to everyone. Here in these parts it’s actually a bit too warm for the last of November. We’re finally back to enjoying Tim Hortons coffee in the morning. The Italian stuff we were drinking is so far back in the ‘rear mirror’ that it’s almost forgotten. So, let’s get started, a little late this morning, but I’ll see if I can play ‘catch-up’.

Thanksgiving – has to be my favorite holiday. It has the best of everything minus the ‘formality’ of the others. Everyone in our ‘Nati clan was ‘on deck’ and Kirstin in Austin joined in a live stream.

She was even able to be part of our after-dinner session of “watch the music videos of the Eighties”. These were the very first music videos made and hence, much hilarity ensued. Meanwhile Marin and Vili were immersed in games of Chess (later that changed to Marin & dad Jason).

Tevita, once again, proved himself the master of the kitchen and the bird. Adrianne and Vai were not to be outdone and as desert produced stunning pies made from scratch; Pumpkin and Apple.

We also paid homage to the Pacific Islands and their ritual of having a cup of Kava as Tevita provided a bowl of the stuff. Marin described it best; “it feels like your mouth does hours after leaving the dentist when the Novocain fades;” meanwhile he proceeded quaffing the stuff like there was no tomorrow.

I hope yours was as good a day as ours.

a Nonet – Last Sunday I went to the little First Unitarian Church to listen to, see, and hobnob with nine world class jazz musicians. They played portions of a ‘break-through’ long play recording which, when released in 1957, became an international hit; Miles Davis’ “The Birth of the Cool” (pieces were being composed by Davis when he was just 22 years old).

When I say hobnob I mean hobnob, especially at intermission when the church puts out a nice spread of cheeses and wine (the cheap stuff of course) and all form little groups to learn and share a bit more.


When I say “world class’ that is very true. Four of the musicians are PhD professors of music at differing Universities. The Trombone player, Marc Fields, was trombonist with Ray Charles – yes the Ray Charles. It really was a very special afternoon.

15-years – it’s the end – For fifteen years Marcia and I annually made the short trek to the North Avondale Montessori school for the yearly Grandparents Day event. For fifteen years we dutifully listened to a few speeches, were honored to some music, and then the highlight – a visit to the classroom(s).

For fifteen years, without interruption, we’ve been privileged to be with a room full of excited young kids show off their accomplishments. Always it’s been both a hub-bub of activity and a stridency of happy voices whether guiding us to a specific classroom or pointing out accomplishments.

As a sixth grader this is Vili’s final year. And, he is the final one of our crew to graduate from North Avondale Montessori. Not certain, but in a real sense I think I’ll miss this annual ritual.

Two important quotations – These have greater import observing the national and international goings on. Both quotations were originally uttered a hundred or more years ago. Reflect on them for a moment:

”Truth always rests with the minority….because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, while the strength of a majority is illusory, formed by the gangs who have no opinion.” ~ Søren Aabye Kierkegaard (Danish theologian, philosopher, poet, social critic – 1813 – 1855)

”There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” ~ Aldous Huxley (English writer and philosopher. He wrote nearly 50 books. 1894 – 1963)

Fini –

• I spotted this photo taken around the same time I was growing up. Look at dad sitting on the stoop, were this to occur today I would not be surprised if he wouldn’t be reported to a Child Protective Services agency. We were much more available for an occasional broken bone, and this served us well preparing us for our adulthood and the ‘knocks’ life tosses at all of us.

• Climate scientists predicted, twenty years ago, that snowfalls would be a thing of the past. This week at 66-inches Orchard Park shattered New York’s statewide 24-hour snowfall record. Follow that science.

• Reading the above, you should note that more snow is proof of climate change and less snow is also proof of climate change.

• Finally at the end of climate ‘stuff’, this was the cover of Time – April 8, 1977

• Photo of the ancient library of Tibet – only 5% has been translated.

• Just in case you’ll be traveling across the country and want to look ‘in’, here’s a guide to wearing the correct color of Jeans by state.

• Assuming the numbers are correct it would cost $100-trillion to produce enough batteries to power Europe for a winter. It would take industry using today’s technology 400 years to build them. It would destroy Europe.

• Numbers compiled in 1632 in London showing cause of death in the city. Pretty eye opening!

• Marcia and I had dinner at our favorite pub, Gordo’s. I spotted this happy couple enjoying an ‘intimate’ evening dinner (circa 2022). I tried, but couldn’t capture the guy with his mobile in hand. For my casual, i.e. quick, reader; yes I am being sarcastic!

• On a recent walk I detoured slightly to go by the old abandoned King Records studio. It’s beginning to look like some work in the creation of making it a ‘destination’ place is slowly starting.

*I’m old enough to remember these. How about you?

Here’s wishing Sandy a quick return to full health. We all have your back!

Ciao. Stay strong, keep learning, and be happy – stay active!

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


It’s a beyond a; “brrrrrrrr” it’s cold Saturday morning (18 degrees). I think it so because the fall-winter transition came on so suddenly; lovely warm days starting off with brisk mornings, one after another. Yup, the change came very quickly.

To get a bit of a jump start on these Ramblings I sped up getting coffee ready with a single mug using my French Press. The Mr. Coffee is at the ready – i.e. ‘fully loaded and armed’, waiting for Marcia to emerge from the comfort of her warm cocoon (I suspect that’ll be a while).

describing the doctor – as “wielding his blade with the combined forces of science and butchery” ~ Bono on his eight hour surgery repairing a ‘blister’ on his Aorta.

This quote from an interview earlier this week with Brené Brown in Austin Texas. It was in Austin’s historic Paramount Theater in front of an audience of 1,200 – actually it was 1,199 plus our Kirstin who also attended.

Kirstin was properly excited when she discovered that she was one of 1,200 able to be part of the audience at the Brené Brown – Bono conversation (hundreds more weren’t able to get in).

Initially, when she told me I’d have to listen to the Podcast when it came out had a bit of a feeling of ‘ho-hum’. I guess I was expecting a long trope of biographical markers. I was so wrong, when I listened to the Podcast a couple of days ago I realized this was about as good a discussion and interview as I’d heard in some time. It was lively, spiritual, warm, informative, and insightful; i.e. it was lovely.

After all of that, take some time this evening, put your feet up and let me also share with you. First, pour yourself an Irish whiskey or a Guinness. Then ease back and enjoy, just click on the link below.

Direct link if QR code proves problematic: <b> </b>

Shampoo – Marcia, fresh from her knitting group brought me a gift. It’s a bar of shampoo, specifically for folk with oily hair (which she claims I have). The wrapper had that ‘old-timey’ look, which in the world gravitas means ‘authenticity’, i.e. this had to be the real McCoy. And as you can see by the picture, this stuff has changed my life!

So you don’t lose track – the corner of Chaos and Mayhem is alive and well. People do ask when it’s been a bit of an extended period without an update whether or not all is well; rest assured nothing has changed. This past week (give or take a day or two) is a quick listing of the happenings. Twice over hurried or distracted drivers, completely oblivious to the slight, but well-marked, curve in the road pretended it was perfectly straight. This resulted in the sideswiping of a parked vehicle. Both events caused a roadway closure while tow truck and brooms did their magic.

Four houses away there was a day-long traffic backup as another section of the storm-water drain was rebuilt using a spray-on technique. It’s the smell of the stuff that gives advance notice.

Across the way this car without plates blew into the driveway and was quickly shuttled off to behind the house and covered with tarp. Their neighbor is of the opinion that nefarious activities are taking place there.

Almost at the same time this sturdy looking buck popped on down the driveway directly in front of us – shades of Canada. Marcia saw him crossing the street into our side yard and then cross over between houses. Remember we are a mere three miles away from a metropolitan city center and not on some open space.

Happy now?

CCJO – Thursday we attended the 10th anniversary of the Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. Held at the old Redmoor Theater (walking distance from our first home in the ‘Nati).

It was one of those special evenings especially since the Redmoor also offers a complete bar and kitchen.

The CCJO band is comprised of musicians, top names, who have performed with Ray Charles, the Temptations, Arturo Sandoval, Tony Bennett, the Glen Miller and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras, as well as the king of Funk – local hero Bootsy Collins, and many more. Plus, several are tenured professors of music at our local Universities. It’s world class entertainment created by folk who love their craft.

Apologies for the first 10 seconds of ‘shaky camera’ syndrome as my hand hit the rail next to my seat.

Fini –

A while back I wrote about great times playing the board game of Rail Baron. Now there is a new game which could be of interest. The game explores/simulates an alternate history of WWII. Had the USA not entered the war in 1941, how would the conflict have evolved?

• The current Administration is trying to quickly pass the Respect for Marriage Act. My quick overview is that it’s mislabeled and should be called the; “Destruction of Marriage Act”.

• Canada too is busily at work, with the aid of the medical community, to make life ‘easier’ and ‘more meaningful’.

• Marcia looks forward to the annual local Weaver’s enclave. This year was no exception. Remarkably I found her the one item which became her ‘must have’ – see me smile?

• It only makes sense that various groups join forces and consolidate their input/outreach. It might seem to be a bit incongruous, but just think it through; it’s brilliant!

Citroën, aside from being such an iconic piece of France, has the potential of revolutionizing the world’s Holiday travel. This was a mid-1950s Citroën DS (a time when American carmakers were mainly worried about chrome and the size of fins).

• A great bit of marketing from across the pond in the UK.

• On a cold weather hike I found myself wandering Spring Grove Cemetery. It took a bit, but I did ‘uncover’ my parent’s marker.

Rather than droning on and on about the CO2 being the death of mankind nonsense, I think wearing buttons such as this to be the better information sharing solution.

• Just thought you’d be interested that at the last COP27 meeting held in Egypt, FOUR HUNDRED private jets came to deliver all those important climate delegates.

• Enough said:

• Ok, and this is it: I seem to be important enough so that when I called to set up an appointment for my annual physical they scheduled me for this coming Monday at FIVE (5pm). Marcia claimed that this time did not coincide with dinner, so she’ll come and sit in the waiting area after which we’ll head to Gordo’s Pub for dinner. I’m game.

Ciao. Stay strong, keep learning, and be happy – take care of your health!

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


11 12th, 2022

We’re finally entering the season of frost, this Saturday will be the first. Some light flurries with no accumulation, but hey, it’s a start.

The chart below is of the average US temperatures for the month of October 26, 1895 – 2022 (at all US Historical Climatology Network Stations – red line, the 10- year Mean Average = 64.0). The climate hype we hear daily continues to be a hoax.

It will also mean that my morning coffee will be even more of a welcome greeting than it normally is.

Possibly it’s caused by overhearing too much on Marcia’s Police scanner, but this insight by Dr. Sowell came to mind. He’s older than me so I must listen:

Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born,
while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves do today?
; Professor Thomas Sowell

Politics – are over for this season (well, except for the counting games being played in several states). So I too am done with all of it (for the time being).

For the foreseeable future I will focus on LIFE! Family, nature, exercise, study, observations, these will be the emphasis of my Ramblings.
Let’s get started!

Tina – Marcia is still ‘over-the-moon’ crowing not just over having seen the Tina Turner Musical, but also on buying her first (ever) “merch” item, a Tina Turner shoulder bag. She’s even been spotted approaching total strangers to have them agree that; “yes, that is a totally awesome bag”. The latest was yesterday where she demanded that exclamation from the check-out clerk at Aldi’s before she’d leave the store (he complied).

The picture below was taken the very moment she purchased the bag.

The show itself was terrific and the playlist left us drained. It was our loge seats that added a dimension to the experience which we hadn’t counted on. The size of a small room, plush seats, coffee table and a glass of Bourbon, plus an usher who mentioned that if we needed anything he’d be right outside. Wow!!!


Head of the Hootch – in Chattanooga was wonderful. The Hooch regatta with over 2,000 rowers is a massive undertaking, and from our vantage point was executed beautifully.


In her division of 47 boats Dinah’s team of 8 took second place (doing so by just 1 second). The day before the race she was running a temperature which broke during the night. Teammates advised her to call it a day. However, she is a ‘beast’ and was not to be shorted on this experience. She raced again on a 4- man crew that same afternoon (her first race in the smaller boat). They finished well up the ranks in this event.

The Art Museum – in Chattanooga was a stop we had to make. Rather
than me blathering on and on, take it in visually (after all it is a museum).



Steel Drums – are a highpoint in Vaioleti’s school day. She’s moved up the ranks and is now a member of Clark Montessori’s Extempo Steel Band. Like Art which must be seen, Band’s must be heard. Have a listen to how Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire sounds on Steel Drums:

Yesterday Marcia and I were at one of our favorite stores for veggies and wine; Country Fresh Farm Market where to our delight we were greeted with this newly installed display cooler.

Fini –
* Now that Putting is tossing the Nuclear Bomb talk about like it’s nothing, I thought you’d appreciate seeing this comparative chart:

* Someone we know very well, grandson Viliami, managed to once again bring out his favorite Dinosaur for Halloween – the dinosaur was a HUGE success.


* Yesterday – 104 years ago – the sound of explosions and gun fire stopped as the “war to end all wars” World War I came to an end on November 11, 1918. We’ve all read the descriptions, the tales of the horrors of mustard gas, and (for the first time) a complete photographic history documenting wartime. Yet it’s the artist who brings the human perspective of the events of that time into play.

* Time moves on. For the first time Derek voted in an election.
Congratulations big guy!

* On our way to Chattanooga we found the time to make a quick stop in
Frankfort, KY (the Capitol) and the Buffalo Trace Distillery. We discovered
their “Handy & Schiller” barreled Old Fashioned Bourbon. Boy, what a find!


* I could not let the week go by without showing what a proper Sushi and Sashimi meal looks like. Ours was at Sushi Nabe restaurant – a family owned authentic restaurant in Chattanooga:


* To end these Ramblings with something to get you talking over your
morning coffee. Have a peek at the effects of the Ames Window (you have to look till the end.

Ciao. Stay strong, keep learning, and be happy – appreciate Life
Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.