We’re finally entering the season of frost, this Saturday will be the first. Some light flurries with no accumulation, but hey, it’s a start.

The chart below is of the average US temperatures for the month of October 26, 1895 – 2022 (at all US Historical Climatology Network Stations – red line, the 10- year Mean Average = 64.0). The climate hype we hear daily continues to be a hoax.

It will also mean that my morning coffee will be even more of a welcome greeting than it normally is.

Possibly it’s caused by overhearing too much on Marcia’s Police scanner, but this insight by Dr. Sowell came to mind. He’s older than me so I must listen:

Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born,
while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves do today?
; Professor Thomas Sowell

Politics – are over for this season (well, except for the counting games being played in several states). So I too am done with all of it (for the time being).

For the foreseeable future I will focus on LIFE! Family, nature, exercise, study, observations, these will be the emphasis of my Ramblings.
Let’s get started!

Tina – Marcia is still ‘over-the-moon’ crowing not just over having seen the Tina Turner Musical, but also on buying her first (ever) “merch” item, a Tina Turner shoulder bag. She’s even been spotted approaching total strangers to have them agree that; “yes, that is a totally awesome bag”. The latest was yesterday where she demanded that exclamation from the check-out clerk at Aldi’s before she’d leave the store (he complied).

The picture below was taken the very moment she purchased the bag.

The show itself was terrific and the playlist left us drained. It was our loge seats that added a dimension to the experience which we hadn’t counted on. The size of a small room, plush seats, coffee table and a glass of Bourbon, plus an usher who mentioned that if we needed anything he’d be right outside. Wow!!!


Head of the Hootch – in Chattanooga was wonderful. The Hooch regatta with over 2,000 rowers is a massive undertaking, and from our vantage point was executed beautifully.


In her division of 47 boats Dinah’s team of 8 took second place (doing so by just 1 second). The day before the race she was running a temperature which broke during the night. Teammates advised her to call it a day. However, she is a ‘beast’ and was not to be shorted on this experience. She raced again on a 4- man crew that same afternoon (her first race in the smaller boat). They finished well up the ranks in this event.

The Art Museum – in Chattanooga was a stop we had to make. Rather
than me blathering on and on, take it in visually (after all it is a museum).



Steel Drums – are a highpoint in Vaioleti’s school day. She’s moved up the ranks and is now a member of Clark Montessori’s Extempo Steel Band. Like Art which must be seen, Band’s must be heard. Have a listen to how Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire sounds on Steel Drums:

Yesterday Marcia and I were at one of our favorite stores for veggies and wine; Country Fresh Farm Market where to our delight we were greeted with this newly installed display cooler.

Fini –
* Now that Putting is tossing the Nuclear Bomb talk about like it’s nothing, I thought you’d appreciate seeing this comparative chart:

* Someone we know very well, grandson Viliami, managed to once again bring out his favorite Dinosaur for Halloween – the dinosaur was a HUGE success.


* Yesterday – 104 years ago – the sound of explosions and gun fire stopped as the “war to end all wars” World War I came to an end on November 11, 1918. We’ve all read the descriptions, the tales of the horrors of mustard gas, and (for the first time) a complete photographic history documenting wartime. Yet it’s the artist who brings the human perspective of the events of that time into play.

* Time moves on. For the first time Derek voted in an election.
Congratulations big guy!

* On our way to Chattanooga we found the time to make a quick stop in
Frankfort, KY (the Capitol) and the Buffalo Trace Distillery. We discovered
their “Handy & Schiller” barreled Old Fashioned Bourbon. Boy, what a find!


* I could not let the week go by without showing what a proper Sushi and Sashimi meal looks like. Ours was at Sushi Nabe restaurant – a family owned authentic restaurant in Chattanooga:


* To end these Ramblings with something to get you talking over your
morning coffee. Have a peek at the effects of the Ames Window (you have to look till the end.

Ciao. Stay strong, keep learning, and be happy – appreciate Life
Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.

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