It’s a beyond a; “brrrrrrrr” it’s cold Saturday morning (18 degrees). I think it so because the fall-winter transition came on so suddenly; lovely warm days starting off with brisk mornings, one after another. Yup, the change came very quickly.

To get a bit of a jump start on these Ramblings I sped up getting coffee ready with a single mug using my French Press. The Mr. Coffee is at the ready – i.e. ‘fully loaded and armed’, waiting for Marcia to emerge from the comfort of her warm cocoon (I suspect that’ll be a while).

describing the doctor – as “wielding his blade with the combined forces of science and butchery” ~ Bono on his eight hour surgery repairing a ‘blister’ on his Aorta.

This quote from an interview earlier this week with Brené Brown in Austin Texas. It was in Austin’s historic Paramount Theater in front of an audience of 1,200 – actually it was 1,199 plus our Kirstin who also attended.

Kirstin was properly excited when she discovered that she was one of 1,200 able to be part of the audience at the Brené Brown – Bono conversation (hundreds more weren’t able to get in).

Initially, when she told me I’d have to listen to the Podcast when it came out had a bit of a feeling of ‘ho-hum’. I guess I was expecting a long trope of biographical markers. I was so wrong, when I listened to the Podcast a couple of days ago I realized this was about as good a discussion and interview as I’d heard in some time. It was lively, spiritual, warm, informative, and insightful; i.e. it was lovely.

After all of that, take some time this evening, put your feet up and let me also share with you. First, pour yourself an Irish whiskey or a Guinness. Then ease back and enjoy, just click on the link below.

Direct link if QR code proves problematic: <b> </b>

Shampoo – Marcia, fresh from her knitting group brought me a gift. It’s a bar of shampoo, specifically for folk with oily hair (which she claims I have). The wrapper had that ‘old-timey’ look, which in the world gravitas means ‘authenticity’, i.e. this had to be the real McCoy. And as you can see by the picture, this stuff has changed my life!

So you don’t lose track – the corner of Chaos and Mayhem is alive and well. People do ask when it’s been a bit of an extended period without an update whether or not all is well; rest assured nothing has changed. This past week (give or take a day or two) is a quick listing of the happenings. Twice over hurried or distracted drivers, completely oblivious to the slight, but well-marked, curve in the road pretended it was perfectly straight. This resulted in the sideswiping of a parked vehicle. Both events caused a roadway closure while tow truck and brooms did their magic.

Four houses away there was a day-long traffic backup as another section of the storm-water drain was rebuilt using a spray-on technique. It’s the smell of the stuff that gives advance notice.

Across the way this car without plates blew into the driveway and was quickly shuttled off to behind the house and covered with tarp. Their neighbor is of the opinion that nefarious activities are taking place there.

Almost at the same time this sturdy looking buck popped on down the driveway directly in front of us – shades of Canada. Marcia saw him crossing the street into our side yard and then cross over between houses. Remember we are a mere three miles away from a metropolitan city center and not on some open space.

Happy now?

CCJO – Thursday we attended the 10th anniversary of the Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. Held at the old Redmoor Theater (walking distance from our first home in the ‘Nati).

It was one of those special evenings especially since the Redmoor also offers a complete bar and kitchen.

The CCJO band is comprised of musicians, top names, who have performed with Ray Charles, the Temptations, Arturo Sandoval, Tony Bennett, the Glen Miller and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestras, as well as the king of Funk – local hero Bootsy Collins, and many more. Plus, several are tenured professors of music at our local Universities. It’s world class entertainment created by folk who love their craft.

Apologies for the first 10 seconds of ‘shaky camera’ syndrome as my hand hit the rail next to my seat.

Fini –

A while back I wrote about great times playing the board game of Rail Baron. Now there is a new game which could be of interest. The game explores/simulates an alternate history of WWII. Had the USA not entered the war in 1941, how would the conflict have evolved?

• The current Administration is trying to quickly pass the Respect for Marriage Act. My quick overview is that it’s mislabeled and should be called the; “Destruction of Marriage Act”.

• Canada too is busily at work, with the aid of the medical community, to make life ‘easier’ and ‘more meaningful’.

• Marcia looks forward to the annual local Weaver’s enclave. This year was no exception. Remarkably I found her the one item which became her ‘must have’ – see me smile?

• It only makes sense that various groups join forces and consolidate their input/outreach. It might seem to be a bit incongruous, but just think it through; it’s brilliant!

Citroën, aside from being such an iconic piece of France, has the potential of revolutionizing the world’s Holiday travel. This was a mid-1950s Citroën DS (a time when American carmakers were mainly worried about chrome and the size of fins).

• A great bit of marketing from across the pond in the UK.

• On a cold weather hike I found myself wandering Spring Grove Cemetery. It took a bit, but I did ‘uncover’ my parent’s marker.

Rather than droning on and on about the CO2 being the death of mankind nonsense, I think wearing buttons such as this to be the better information sharing solution.

• Just thought you’d be interested that at the last COP27 meeting held in Egypt, FOUR HUNDRED private jets came to deliver all those important climate delegates.

• Enough said:

• Ok, and this is it: I seem to be important enough so that when I called to set up an appointment for my annual physical they scheduled me for this coming Monday at FIVE (5pm). Marcia claimed that this time did not coincide with dinner, so she’ll come and sit in the waiting area after which we’ll head to Gordo’s Pub for dinner. I’m game.

Ciao. Stay strong, keep learning, and be happy – take care of your health!

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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