OK, I’ll let this cat out of the bag and confess; “At heart, I am a Hodophile!. More on that later, but rest assured, travel is involved.

But, today it’s off to another happening, this one fueled by merely a single cup of coffee, plus two poached eggs and a slice of Dutch ‘Roggebrood’ followed by some water. As soon as this is posted Marcia and I will head for the hills of a slice of the city named Mount Adams. There I’ll join the 30 th Egg Nog Jog 5K. I’ve been part of this jog previously. It winds through a great neighborhood, has wonderful views of the city/river/and Kentucky, plus the hills – some down most up.

The social following the jog will be at a local pub, El Barril; where there will be an offering of Beer, Egg Nog, Bananas, and Bagels. All this explains the reason Marcia is coming along (hint: somebody is needed to taste the fare prior to the joggers returning). My bib number, 1481, means that well in excess of 1,500 of us will participate. It should be a great time!

Did I mention that there will also be a costume judging? My costume is not so much a costume as a wish. A wish for global warming to actually do its thing.

The Cincinnati gang – is trying to break out of the starting gate and head for the local Omnimax to see the new 3-hour long Avitar movie. So, you can imagine the smile on my face when I ran across a theater lobby placard from in a UK movie theater:

: “Dear Customer, due to circumstances beyond our control there will be no ads or trailers, so the movie will start at the time it says on your ticket. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Vue Management.”

When Architects dream – wonderful things can happen. Earlier this week I
wandered the streets of our neighborhood of long ago, Hyde Park. Nestled
somewhere in the middle sits this jewel. Once a ‘starter’ home it’s been
remodeled and is as you see it pictured for probably twenty years. It’s still a
showstopper. Thank you Mr. or Ms. Architect.

The Snows – they are a’coming. At least they are in Canada near our place,
Northern Comfort. A few miles away are friends who post regularly, including information on the heavy snows which began to fall this week. We’re hearing it described no longer in centimeters, but being referred to as in feet.

Since it’s also hunting season, snow makes it both easier to track, but also more difficult to follow creatures in the woods. Next, I began to wonder, “just how easily or fast can a Moose get around in heavy snow”? Seeing this video, the specter of a speeding locomotive through the Rockies came to mind. Enjoy!

A Strong Woman and an Idea – I got this from the ‘Fascinating’ site. Now that we’ve got the James Webb Space Telescope out there doing marvelous stuff, and a moon visit on the horizon, I felt this bit to be worthy.

Back years and years, ca 1880 to be more exact. The director of the Harvard Observatory was not pleased with his staff (think Elon Musk and his Twitter crew). At one point he was heard to say; “my Scottish maid could do better.” And like a Musk who also skewered his staff, he showed them and did hire her, his Scottish maid Williamina Fleming. Would you believe it? She went on to discover many, many, thousands of stars.

I have used Twitter for about 15 years. Now, since Musk has fired about half of the Twitter staff, I’ve become convinced that the site runs smoother than ever. Just think what could happen were some President and a wise Congress reduced the Federal workforce by 50%? Possible?

”Once a government commits to the principle of silencing opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens ~ Harry Truman (1884 – 1972) 33rd President of the USA

”Me a Hodophile” – was mentioned in the beginning. Well, it’s true. In about a week a quick trip will begin. First, brother George and Sandy have their car and dog, Augie, at daughter Heather’s home in California – both need to be brought back to Florida. Currently they are visiting Heather and family for Christmas. Due to circumstances Sandy can’t drive back and will be flying home. See where this is going?

OK, so on the morning of December 27 I’ll fly to San Diego, California. There George will corner me at the airport and so the cross-country trip East will begin; George, Auggie, and me. What an adventure waits! Eventually ending up in Naples, Florida, where I’ll fly home on New Year’s Eve (if all goes as planned I’ll arrive home at 7:30PM, just in time to bring in the New Year).

Fini –

• As pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson never asked about his patient’s political affiliation or ideas. Now the ‘brain-dead’ imbeciles heading up the Detroit School system have removed his name from one of their high schools. Any wonder that the ‘system’ is totally broken?

• Read alongside the previous point, “freedom is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear”; George Orwell.

At birth one of our grandchildren weight 1lb 14oz. Now a high school freshman I asked her about her favorite subjects. No hesitation there, Band and Literary Arts. “What then are you reading” I asked? “I just read and discussed Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. But right now I am really enjoying the Trojan Wars by Adele Geras and want to read her book, Ithaka”. Grandpa was both proud and amazed.

• The one question I have regarding this map put out by WHO/Unicef is what is going on in the UK?

• Truly exciting is the apparent breakthrough of a nuclear fusion reactor. For years the concept has been operational in military vessels. Just think something small enough for household use or vehicle travel.

• If Vincent van Gogh were living today, this is how he might be seen when hard at work.

• I came across this photo of Robert Wadlow (1918 – 1940), the tallest man on record, irrefutably so. He was 8’ 11.1” It gives a visual of just how much beyond the average 8’ 11.1” is.

Ciao. Stay strong; keep pushing onward – Make this Christmas an extra special one; you need it as do the rest of us.

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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