Please take note that there is no (as in zero) Orange on this week’s post. Yesterday it was World Cup semi-final soccer & my Dutch team, the Orange (as in ‘Oranjeboven’), lost. Actually, the opposition, Argentina, outplayed. Dutch were losing two-nil with seven minutes to go and tied the score. Two shortened overtime periods kept the tie. Then came the Penalty shot shootout and that was the killer. Amsterdam is in a deep state of depression.

Hence, my morning coffee is not providing me with Saturday Morning joy from my orange mug – I left it on the shelf. Just can’t do it.

In football [soccer], the result is an impostor. You can do things really, really well but not win. There’s something greater than the result, more lasting — a legacy. ~ Xavier Hernández Creus (known as Xavi), widely considered one of the greatest midfielders of all time

Breaking news – this morning has it that probably the very best US Soccer Journalist, Grant Wahl, died suddenly while covering his eighth FIFA World Cup at age 48; condolences to his family and RIP to Mr. Wahl.

He collapsed while attending the media tribune at yesterday’s game in Qatar. Medical attention was immediate, but to no avail. I am not a much into conspiracy theories, but from what I read there is a spike in sudden deaths in that same age group. Sudden deaths at a rate that is well beyond the expected norm. If true, the question is ‘Why’?

Language – is so very interesting. Using soccer as the example of a ‘battle’, I’ll use this descriptor of a long-ago Dutch battle fought in 1672, in Dutch it’s written as “redeloos, radeloos, reddeloos” (in English that would be “reasonless, distraught, helpless). The English doesn’t come near to conveying the meaning and the rhythm that the Dutch language captures.

Marketing – has occupied my life for a chunk of it. Marcia says I drive her nuts whenever I stop during a shopping trip to then make some observation about a display or packaging. Likewise, the same goes for TV viewing; as the title of a Bonnie Raitt song goes: “The Boy Can’t Help It”.

From my perspective, marketing in the USA is on a downward path. Much of it is made so poorly that it’s unreadable and unwatchable. Much of it is loud, harsh, in your face, juvenile, and caters to whatever the ‘group du jour’ is.

So it was with some delight when I came across this advertisement made in Japan – Bach’s: “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” set in a forest scene. And it’s for a high tech company.

I read where it took four days to set it all up and create –no shortcuts, no ‘green-screen’, no dubs. This was made for a newly launched cell phone offering by NTT Docomo, the largest mobile service provider in Japan. The shell of the new phone is wood and their idea was to use domestic woods that are produced from trees harvested from a maintained Japanese forest. The ad is calming and connects the earth to a high-tech product. Visually and audibly it pulls you in. Listen to this peaceful bit of beauty which, as an aside, also fits the season:

Oh, those Painted Ladies – It’s not a great mystery (at least to my immediate neighbors and my family) that my walking is wearing out the surrounding sidewalks a fair bit. In order that it not get boring I try to change my walking routes and distances.

Over the past week I had the opportunity to walk through one of the ‘Nati’s’ oldest neighborhoods, Columbia Tusculum which was established in 1788. What makes this a fun walk are the hills. I guess that subconsciously I was prepping for next Saturday’s Egg Nog Jog race held annually through the hills of nearby Mount Adams (and yes, I am registered to join the 1,500 or so participants for the 30th annual jog – Rain [Snow] or Shine).

More importantly, the Columbia Tusculum area has any number of Victoria era homes done up in stunning style. These ‘Painted Ladies’ did slow me down a bit as I tried to capture a few on my camera. Enjoy!

”Don’t Bring Me Down” – Were you aware that in Canada their legacy media outlets – nearly 90% of them – are almost fully subsidized by tax dollars. These are media outlets such as the CBC (TV & Radio), the Globe & Mail, and the Toronto Star, and even in little Thessalon the weekly ‘North Shore Sentinel’. It doesn’t take much insight to realize that for the subsidized media it’s not a good idea to “bite the hand that feeds you”. Watch the complete takedown of Canadian mainstream media by the British author and political commentator, Douglas Murray. Succinct and amazingly accurate:

Fini –

• From the World of Statistics, the time it took to reach one million users on their Social Media platform:
Netflix – 3.5 years
Twitter – 2 years
Facebook – 10 months
Spotify – 5 months
Instagram – 3 months
ChatGPT – 5 days

• This week two ‘bits’ caused me to pay a bit of attention. First, on an afternoon walk in nearby St. Bernard I spotted this posted in the rear window of a parked truck. The second was that while the Administration is pushing hard for gun control they just released an international arms dealer, Viktor Bout known as the “Merchant of Death”, who was locked up for conspiring to kill Americans. Stew on that for a bit.

• From England is this posted notice in their movie theater. You have to agree that it’s probably the most appreciated of all notices.

• Since I seem to be on a bit of a British bent. Don’t you just love these ladies self-defense gloves from ca. 1850 in London.

Our nearest Costco relocated 4-miles further up the Interstate. But, I think I have a solution. Earlier this week I took Tevita to the airport and thought I’d swing by the Costco in Florence, KY, that’s Florence Y’All. Not much difference in miles but more direct and quicker (assuming the river bridge isn’t backed up). However, since it’s located in Kentucky with differing laws, take a look at the department available to us. I am now sold on switching allegiance to this Costco outlet.

• The building adjoining ours is sitting empty. The LLC that had purchased it went ‘belly up’. A branch had fallen into a bush in front of the place and I went over to get it out of there. Getting closer, saw that it was a glorious 10-foot tall Firethorn (scientific class is Rosaceae).

• I’m certain that next year some new Tax rules will kick in. And, that with 87,000 new Tax inspectors that no one is safe. In that light I thought I’d share this bit: The Pentagon: “we don’t know where $2.2 Trillion dollars went”. The IRS to you and me: “You just sent $601.00 dollars from your bank account, don’t forget to report it!

• Then in the ‘for cuteness sake’ department here is a map and the most famous brand associated with each state.

Ciao. Stay strong; keep pushing onward – question it all and don’t let any person or government silence you.

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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