What is it with my ‘body clock’? Yesterday was a busy and long day running well into the late evening. The plan I had was to just sleep in and get started on The Ramblings at the ‘whenever-I-wake’ hour.

4:05 in the AM and I was ready to get started. No other day of the week would I fall into that kind of crazy trap, but this being Saturday I had little choice.

Now, a bit of writing, then some coffee, then a bit more of that; and so it goes.

In the meantime, wishing you an Easter celebration that moves you well beyond the banal commerciality of chocolate Easter-bunnies. And to all, a great Passover remembrance over this weekend too.

Easter 2023 occurrence – Dr. Sheldon Roth, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, author of “Psychologically Sound: The Mind of Donald J. Trump.”

During this time of Easter and Passover Dr. Roth provides more insight than the yokels in the New York DA’s office ever realized with the timing their persecution of Trump

The list of persecution attempts:

• Operation Crossfire Hurricane
• Mueller Probe
• Impeachment 1
• Impeachment 2
• January 6th Committee
• Mar a Lago Raid
• Manhattan DA Indictment

As Trump was hauled in front of a very biased and weak AG during Easter/Passover week it reminded Dr. Roth of another persecuted individual, Jesus Christ. Jesus, charged and who was hauled in front of a weak and biased Roman judiciary. Jesus tried on charges to ensure a conviction 2,000 years ago. Now here is Trump on trumped (pun) up and cobbled together charges in 2023. Both, with little to no possible outcome of anything resembling fairness.

Dr. Roth goes a step further addressing our Jewish family and friends with the botched timing of Trump’s arraignment, Passover. Passover as you might remember commemorates the story of the Israelites’; escape from slavery from Egypt. Their leader was Moses – also a persecuted character.

However you think of Trump, these legal fiends in their ignorance and awkward timing, bringing charges during Easter and Passover week have created much empathy for Trump. By virtue of the season, they have established sympathy for Trump even if nothing more than subconsciously.

Now that they’ve made their move they can’t erase that. As early polling data shows, Dr. Roth was probably correct.

Paragraph of the week:

(I) compare our election choices (of late) to “Which disease would you rather have?” much to the dismay of certain readers. I’ve long thought we could do better when it comes to the person who holds the loftiest office in the United States….But indicting a former president (any former president) on ridiculous charges to keep him out of the next race is a bridge too far.” ~ Daisy Luther writing an article under the Headline: If Political Prosecution Can Happen to Trump, It Can Happen to Any of Us – April 6, 2023

Tiny Us – We [at least the media and by default us] love to ruminate on and on, on ‘tempest in a teapot’ issues. Then bounce from one of those to the next; be they real or invented. By the hour it’s jumping from the drivel in NY, then in the next breath the botox overkill on some starlet, as so it goes, day in and day out. Week in, and week out.

To get you to think on just how pitiful all the nonsense we ‘stew’ over is in the grand scope of things, I’d like to introduce Dr. Brian Cox to you. Dr. Brian Cox CBE FRS, professor of particle physics School of Physics and Astronomy at the
University of Manchester.

In the next short minute he’ll detail to us just how both ‘significant’ and ‘insignificant’ we are. Have a quick listen:

Our Poet – Vaioleti is one of those kids who is happily immersed in High School life and all its activities. One of those ‘extras’ is her involvement in ‘Slam’ poetry. Last night she represented her school in the city-wide finals held at our Memorial Hall.

’Slam Poetry’, “a form of performance poetry that combines the elements of performance, writing, competition, and audience participation. It is performed at events called poetry slams, or simply slams. The name slam came from how the audience has the power to praise or, sometimes, destroy a poem and from the high-energy performance style of the poets— Encyclopedia Britannica.

Vai placed well in the top tier. Loved how she and everyone else did and had a blast. We, friends, parents and grandparent loved what all these kids did. We hooted and hollered, sometimes appropriately and sometimes not. And had a blast!

I should point out that I bought her a bouquet of flowers when I stopped by Trader Joe’s. The checkout clerk, making small talk, asked if it was going to be an active weekend. I mentioned that I was heading to watch my granddaughter at a Poetry Performance later in the day.

His reply? “Trader Joe’s would like her to have this bouquet as our gift!” Now how cool is that. It’s marketing genius at the max to empower the frontline people to make quality decisions. Hooray for Traders!

Walking – I am back to walking and exercising now that the ‘gas bubble’ has cleared my eye (held a tiny ceremony cutting my medical alert bracelet off).

It’s great being round and about. Springtime on the campus of Xavier University is a time I am glad I didn’t miss – both, seeing and walking.

Now that life is back to normal I will be walking a 5k (no mixed jogging/walking yet) later this coming week at the Matt’s 5K Pursuit. Monies raised will go to deceased police officer Matt Haverkamp’s foundation for the procurement and training of rescue and K9 dogs; over 100 dogs have been funded so to date. The event will be held throughout Spring Grove cemetery and Arboretum – this time of the year with shrubs and flowers in full bloom the place is stunning.

As an aside, our part of the 5K route through Spring Grove goes directly past my parents’ grave site. I’ll wave!

Fin –
• This front yard sign spotted on a walk earlier this week had me puzzled.

• Finally the little pin converter arrived. Up to that time I had never realized just how good an experience listening is as when using Studio quality headphones. Brilliant!


• Today in 1979 the final episode of All in the Family aired. This hugely successful comedy sitcom dealing with topics of sex, bigotry, race and gender could never be made/aired today, and that is beyond quite sad.

• When someone who doesn’t drink tea does you a favor. Marcia came home with two boxes of herbal tea for my afternoon refresher moment. Lovely. One small detail; we do NOT have a Keurig coffee/tea maker.

Ciao. Stay strong, ever stay focused on that which is important and that what is right. As I said last week, keep moving keep active. Be safe and be healthy.

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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