All week it’s been stunning weather, sunshine and low eighties. Today it’s a transition day and this evening the rains will start. Tomorrow morning at 9:00AM I will start on my first 5K since my eye ‘thingy’ (and the rains won’t stop till noon).

In the meantime I’ll continue to be outside and smell the flowers. Enjoy this springtime photo of Clinton Springs place du 798, home sweet home taken from the infamous corner of Chaos & Mayhem.

It’s early, no sound in the whole building, very few cars on the road, and a large cup of steaming coffee next to me. It’s a perfect time to be alive!

Round & About the Neighborhood – during springtime is an adventure. Little needs be said, just enjoy the visuals (click to enlarge):


Paragraph of the week:

Virtue gives birth to tranquility, tranquility to leisure, leisure to disorder, disorder to ruin… and similarly from ruin, order is born, from order virtue, from virtue, glory and good fortune ~ Niccolò Machiavelli, in his Florentine Histories

Cyclical – Machiavelli was right, as was Plato, and many more after him. History is not a straight-line progression; history is cyclical.

Currently we’re reaping the results of half a century of government organized single parent households often run by a mother who is still a child herself. We’re observing a portion of the cycle where education by many parents and schools and churches are catering to the whims, foibles, and oddities of an upcoming generation.

A portion of the current cyclical fallout is the continued voting into office of ideologues funded by subversive types (those at odds by furthering the values we’ve been built on); think Governors, State and city AGs and DAs, many of them elected and reelected by a population of slackers, loafers, and goldbrickers; each chanting the current mantra of entitlement; “we want it OUR way, we want it FREE.”

This leads to the question of gun violence; why was there virtually not one mass shooting as recent as the 1950s; this at a time when guns were about as readily available as today? Could it be that possibly we need to look at the 45-year span since we’ve paid serious mind to a creeping Mental Health problemcombined with a lack of parenting? Is that what’s changed?

This isn’t just a reaction to today’s world of WOKE-ness and headline grabbing characters named Mulvaney or Lia. Take note that over the years I’ve tapped my ‘toes’ into the past worlds of the Beatnik, the Hippie; yes generations do go through phases.

But this has a difference, more and more, a booked law breaker, be they murderer, robber, thief, a criminal of any type, is back on the street before the cop has finished the required paperwork.

That’s why I love this song by Toby Keith & Willie Nelson where they offer a brilliant solution. Remember the suggestion the song proffers is posted by me, a nearly really old geezer, but it’s one that works really well:

The 5K – has been approved by my surgeon; with the promise of ‘walking only’, no jogging or jog-and-walk. The event is through the grounds of Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, which even in the rain should be stunning this time of year.

It’s called the Matt’s 5K Pursuit to benefit the Matt Haverkamp Foundation which was set up to both provide animals and secure training for K9 and Rescue/search dogs. To date just over 100 dogs have been provided to our regional and city Police agencies.


The location, Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum was set up as a nonsectarian, nonprofit corporation by a special Act by the Ohio General Assembly back in 1845 and is the 3rd largest cemetery in the nation. Aside from the spectacular lakes and scenery there are two other ‘bits’ on the 5K. First, the route is such that it will pass right by my parents’ grave site (yes, I am planning to give a wave). Then, upon completion, there is scheduled to be an exhibition where some of the dogs will have a chance show off their skills.

See why I had the talk with my surgeon and why the nod of approval was given?

The Bailey – On the 26th FC Cincinnati MLS soccer will face off against Louisville in a run-up to the 2023 US Open Cup. Cincy is currently super HOT and leads the MLS Eastern Conference..

The Bailey portion of the stadium is a 3000 person behind the opposing goal standing only section angled at 34-degrees. All aluminum (for noise), and its where all the foot stomping, drumming, singing, horns, smoke takes place.

Now the exciting part, to experience The Bailey has been a ‘to-do’ for me for quite a while. Tried to drag Marcia along (won’t note her answer but somewhere I heard her use the word; “crazy NOT”). However, Jason was different; he too is excited and will join me.

I forgot to mention that it’s ‘tradition’ for the Bailey crowd to first enjoy a couple of beers at the nearby Samuel Adams brewery, then march ‘en-mass’ to the stadium. The linked short video will show how it all looks.

I am super stoked!

Gordo’s – is by far and away our favorite Pub/Café. It’d been a while since we’d stopped by, and last night was the night.

What struck me that we literally drank ‘suds’ (beer) from our personal histories. Marcia had a ‘Stout’ brewed in Holland, MI while I had a ‘Lager’ brewed in my birth-town of Enschede, a bottle of Grolsch.

Fin –
• Is there any doubt seeing why our nation’s rail system can’t gain proper footing?

• This coming week we’ll celebrate two (not one, but two) Birthday’s. Viliami who can hardly wait to step into his next year. And Jason, who’s now realizing that he’s on a path where he’s quickly chasing me down.

• Eight days ago the world marked the passing of Ben Ferencz at the age of 103. Mr. Ferencz who was both the youngest and last living prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials. He secured convictions against 22 Nazi death squad commanders. A 60-minutes interview from six years ago (when he was 97) showed a Mr. Ferencz swimming, doing push-ups, and working with weights – not bad for someone who barely cleared 5 feet. He led an amazing life. Click here on “60-minutes” to link to the interview.

• Vai demonstrating a beautiful piece of art glass which she created, including the colors embedded in it. What the picture can’t show is that after completing the piece she went back to school, and that shortly after she left her instructor the Police showed up and arrested him for murder. He’s accused of murdering his, then, fiancé a decade ago. Wow!

• Last weekend Dinah rowed her first Regatta of the season. Her 8-man boat finished Silver and her 4-man boat got a Gold. Quite the start kiddo!

  • Adrianne and Tevita signed a ream of paper yesterday and now (in partnership with their bank) are now the proud owners of their new home. More busyness in their already busy lives as a move looms near.

Ciao. Stay strong, wouldn’t it be special if everyone took just a few minutes this week to climb a tree? Low hanging branches are OK. Be safe and be healthy.

Keep on storming the castle. Pray for Peace.


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