Have a great Memorial Day weekend. It might actually be good to display a bit of patriotism as we all are out and about grilling everything in sight. Tevita and Adrianne are having a pig roast, in part to celebrate their new home. We’re told that Marcia and I will be two in a group of about 30 expected folk.

Marcia will be bringing her famous and much sought after baked beans. The kitchen counter is filled with over a dozen cans of a variety of beans – all part of some ‘secret’ recipe.

But now, a bit of coffee. Thursday I was at Costco where they had $5 off of Peet’s coffee. Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend (brother Pete’s favorite west coast coffee) so I bought enough to carry us into next month and for our stay in Canada.

Now that summer is about to begin this weekend probably has been traditionally the ‘blowout’ sales season for beer sales. Anheuser Bush and their mainstay item, Bud Light for years were near the sales leader. While at Costco I noticed that the stack of Bud Light had the largest footprint of all the beers available. I also noticed that there was NOT a single case of the stuff taken from the pile. The scene made it appear as if they couldn’t give it away.

Actions have consequences!   

Think you can tame the national debt? Play the budget game – by The Washington Post

“Remember, this isn’t easy. You, and every player, have inherited a debt of $31 trillion. Without any changes, it’s projected to grow to a whopping $52 trillion by the end of the next decade.”

I played the game, here is my result: I am……the Classic Conservative. Apparently I believe in cutting both the size of the government and the programs it funds.

Unlike the ‘Classic Conservative’s’ archnemesis, the Big Tax and Spender, I am one who believes the federal government has to be smaller or else it will impede on the freedoms of our fellow Americans.

Unlike the Diligent Deficit Hawk, the ‘Classic Conservative’’ wants to cut taxes in addition to cutting spending, and we think the economy would grow for everyone if the government just got out of the way.

Click on the link here and play the game. Maybe you’ll be right in sync with our Potus & Congressional gurus – I hope not.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Dissertation – The other day, I don’t even know how the subject came up, but Marcia fired across the room; “what purpose has your degree’s dissertation actually served?” I was taken a bit off kilter for it surely wasn’t the subject material; Appalachian Values; Are They Transferable From A Rural To An Urban Setting?. Now that I’ve reflected on the question some more I have the answer; the purpose was that; I did it.

All that goes into such a thing, the research, the focus, the writing, the defense; and how that all those have combined and thus served me over the years is the answer. The actual subject material was merely the vehicle.

Word of the Day; Niksen: a Dutch verb which means “doing nothing”, which can be roughly translated as “nixing”.

This week we observed the lifestyle of the generation following us. Being retired it appears that their lifestyle all seems a bit of over the top busy. Buried with work, buried with homemaking, buried raising kids, buried with ‘events’.

Recently I came across the concept of ‘Niksen’. The Dutch, in an effort to prevent burnout and institute ‘wellness’, have put into place what they call Niksen; a trend that means “doing nothing.”

It translates into a regularly scheduled (organized) intentional period of doing nothing. The concept seems to be catching on. Niksen is not laziness. It’s a way to stimulate productivity and re-engage your mind by allowing it to breathe. It is essentially a picture of purposelessness.

As a Social Worker wrote; “What’s beautiful about it and the art of living is that you have the autonomy and uniqueness.”

Steve Martin — One of my favorite celebrities is Steve Martin, comedian, actor, and an amazing Banjo player.

With the constant stream of news-ready negativity day in and day out I thought I’d post this little musical piece from Steve Martin. It’ll bring a smile to your face. Enjoy:

Etcetera –            

    • Lots of people happenings this week. Henry Kissinger turns 100. Bob Dylan turned 82.
    • Marcia had to spend time listening to the music from Tina Turner who passed at age 83

    • This past week would have also been Dr. Sally K Ride’s birthday. The first American female in outer space (1951 – 2012). Passed of Pancreatic cancer.

    • Yesterday I had my 6-week final checkup on the results of my eye surgery last January. Verdict? Quoting Dr. Miller; “the results could not have been any better!” I have a couple of small sight issues (curvature & depth) which should clear up over time.
    • Here’s one for the little people. This week the Supreme Court ruled that the Clean Water Act only regulates wetlands that have a “continuous surface connection” to larger bodies of water. A farmer can no longer get ‘nicked’ by the EPA over a duck pond on their farm.
    • Mid-week I realized I could stream the FC Cincinnati vs the NY Red-Bulls for a jump into the elite final eight for the US Open tourney. How could I have known that the game would go into extra time with two additional shortened periods. Then would go into a 10 kick penalty shootout. By 11pm I go to bed happily knowing the home team had won!
    • Vili is leaving school — primary grades that is. Off to Middle School (Clark Montessori Highschool) next fall. Nice going kiddo!
    • Now that the Round the World solo sailing race, the GoGo2022, is over, There was a massive void. Bulent to the rescue. He now has me following the Imoca class 5-crew round the world race (this is the high speed stuff coupled with a couple of stops). Tense sailing, great watching as the “The Ocean Race” is on!

The Ocean Race 2022-23 – 10 May 2023, Leg 4 Day 17 onboard 11th Hour Racing Team. Malama sailing downwind in waves.

Ciao. Stay strong. Now post and then watch Marcia do her bean magic – appreciate Life and be sure to incorporate a little ‘niksen’ into it.


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