Sots on TV

Morning all! Thanks for spending a handful of your valuable minutes out of the 1,440 you’ll have available today – it’s appreciated.

Now I’ll take a few of my valuable minutes to pour and enjoy my morning mug of Java.

My ‘header’ this week pays homage to CNN’s New Year’ eve fete with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen doing shots (it’s become such a lovely, boozy, tradition).

In and out (not the CA fast food joints) — we had 14 people in and around our place for the whole past week and part of this one. Luckily some of the time was also at Adrianne & Tevita’s, and Jason & Cathy’s. This all made for a grand time and way too little sleep (not in small part due to too few hours of actual sleep). The best part was watching the cousins interact, laugh, chat, and picking up as if they’d seen one another mere hours ago.

Alongside all the table games, we did complete a 550-piece jig-saw puzzle – 3D of Tim Burton’sThe Nightmare Before Christmas.” Kirstin was the master managing the border. Derek was the master orchestrating the middle portions.

The Party — There comes a time, as Clark Gable so famously blurted out; “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” (Gone with the Wind, 1939) when we all become so free as to just blurt things out. Maturing can do that. I did it when I punched through the Four-Score marker. This past week Marcia broke through her number 80. And we all had a blast watching her having a great time enjoying the moment.

With New Year barely in the rear-view mirror her whole weekend event became one grand party. Dinner was held at her favorite grub joint, Gordo’s Pub and Grill – a place, as was sung on Cheers; “Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” It couldn’t have been a better time. And, having every one of the kids and grandkids present doubled the joy and the celebration.

Wink, Wink, Woke, Woke – More and more we read, watch, and see Corporate America go off the deep woke end. Just look at the likes of Disney, Bush Beer, and Target, plus a myriad of other companies – private and public.

Then the government Bureaucracies, State governments, and City Councils got involved. Whoops, don’t forget about education and even the Colleges and Universities (please also include libraries and their colorful tiny-tots trans reading parties) joined in the happy fray of absolute intolerance. I don’t want to begin starting a ‘chapter-book’ of lists of all this nonsense.

Just let it be said that almost everywhere no grant request will even be looked at unless proper genuflection is made to each and every ‘special’ group. All this takes precedence over a minor detail such as QUALIFICATION.

Who would you sooner have close by, someone who breaks out in tears when not referred to by their preferred pronoun of ‘Zirk’, ‘Bzzz” or whatever, or someone like Admiral Jeremiah Denton Jr.? He was taken from his prison cage and interviewed for the world media by the North Vietnamese. Here is what he did, he “blinked his eyes in Morse code during the interview, spelling out the word “T-O-R-T-U-R-E”. He was also questioned about his support for the U.S. war effort in Vietnam, to which he replied: “I don’t know what is happening, but whatever the position of my government is, I support it fully.” (Wikipedia).


Best morning coffee – On a cold winter’s morning with some hearty coffee, three or so hot Poffertjes purchased at Trader Joe’s. Then lightly sprinkled with a little powdered sugar, Marcia’s recommendation!

Marcia noticed it first – I quickly picked up on her thinking. She noticed that I had gone completely bonkers at Trader Joe’s. Whatever could be labeled as ‘appetizer’ or ‘desert’ or ‘snack’ ended up in one of their cute little shopping carts. While I was so preoccupied, Kirstin was likewise hard at work, only she was in the flower department.

All of this is in and by itself not much of a problem, with a couple of exceptions. First, with vase after vase of fresh flowers and just the two of us, does the mental image of Funeral Parlor paint the right picture? Next, all our guests have departed, we’re mostly out of food, but we have a ton of “‘appetizer’ or ‘desert’ or ‘snack’” to keep us fed.

Anyone for a ‘Poffertje’?

While we’re all still feeling so good about all the joy of leaving 2023 behind and starting fresh with 2024, there is a bit of news that leaked out. Watchdogs reported that last year the Feds made $236 billion in “improper payments.” Remember, this massive Waste will quickly catch up in 2024 – just a thought.

Now, one more coffee with ‘Poffertjes’ while I sit by the window to watch the much hyped first major snow storm of the winter. 1½“of what will quickly turn to slush; but we’re all forewarned and the ‘Nati is fully prepped — possibly the town is filled with conspiratorial ‘preppers’.

May Peace prevail! Shalom. Happy New Year, Dirk

The National FOP reports that 378 officers were shot in 2023, sadly the highest number since they started tracking the data. Details of the FOP report – which one of these four is incorrect?

  1. 60% increase in officers shot since 2018.
  2. Congress passed HR 743—Protect and Serve Act of 2023.
  3. 115 ambush attacks that resulted in 138 officers shot.
  4. 46 officers murdered by gunfire.

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