New heights, New temperatures?

Morning all! Last week I mentioned that according to what I had observed, Marcia, while wearing her CD Holter heart monitor for a couple of days, was not to drink any coffee. She protested strongly. I then should have quoted Abraham Lincoln; “Mary Todd, dearest wife, it is surely so since it came from Social Media”.

Anyway, the Holter experience came and went flawlessly. All is back to normal, and I am enjoying a quick coffee before heading into town and my 5K.

Favorite Headline –Gregg Abbott and the Invasion of the Border Snatchers.”
We’ve come a long way from the Boston Tea Party. What would happen to “extremists” throwing tea into a harbor today? Independence Hall. Lexington and Concord. The Articles of Confederation. Patrick Henry declaring, “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to my dying day your right to say it”.
Donald Jeffries ~ Author “I Protest” Jan. 30, 2024

Her ‘la pointrine’ — was on full display during Marcia’s ECHO exam last Monday. The tech was busily working to get her heart in its most fetching pose possible when he noticed Marcia trying to peek at the screen. Soon he had it turned for her to also see – (and the ‘Beat Goes On’ / Sonny and Cher comes to mind.) When Marcia popped out of the exam room the word I heard her use a few times was “fascinating”. I wasn’t certain if it was because she saw her working heart, or if it was the sensation of a massive amount of gel being rubbed all over.

Then as I mentioned above, immediately after the trial by ECHO, Marcia was fitted with a CD Holter Heart Monitor – wearing it for 48 hours. All went well, and lucky me got to return the equipment.


A weekend for the history books – is about to start. Last week the weather turned from weeks of rain to where I got almost 12-miles practice in (plus some limbering up exercises). Now the fun really kicks in.

The, sold out at 5000, Frozen 5/10K sponsored by our Cyclones Hockey Team’s Foundation will start shortly. Then, this evening it’ll be our neighborhood’s Progressive Dinner. Lots of anticipation on that one. A number of the old folk have moved and we’ll see what the new crop is like.

Then comes Sunday. It begins with a Birthday Celebration Brunch for Cathy. She selected a place I hadn’t ever heard of; ‘Proud Hound Coffee – Café and Roastery’. Online it looks appealing. It’s located in an area close to where we spent our younger years, which went through a downturn and is now experiencing a resurgence.

Then Sunday afternoon I am going solo to be part of a Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra performance; Mardi Gras Party featuring Queen City Vintage Vibe”. It’ll be an early Fat Tuesday  fete reminiscent of king cake and beads. On the program are New Orleans marches, music of Jelly Roll Morton, as well as Mardi Gras favorites like “The Saints Go Marching In!” What a ‘topper’ to the weekend!

The Venue – for my Jazz concert is the nearby First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati which offers some wonderful acoustics. What is also special with that venue is that our 27th President, William Howard Taft (1909 – 1913), was a member of this church. Just as an aside, President Taft was also our Solicitor General as well as the tenth Chief US Supreme Court Justice.


In Inches, Feet, Centimeters, or Meters – these all point the same direction. Data shows us that during the 1800s Americans were the tallest people in the world. But the height thing has changed; DRAMATICALLY!

Records show that beginning about 1980 average height started to decline. Currently we are number 47 in the height rankings department (women rank 58th). The Netherlands tops the list.

Professor John Komlos (former holder of the chair of economic history at the University of Munich) states that height is an overlooked indicator of human welfare. “This is especially important from the point of view of human welfare, changes in average height reveal a lot about how well a society cares for its children.”

CO2 – Geologist, Prof. Ian Plimer (Australian geologist and professor emeritus at the University of Melbourne). broadcasts that; “Game over. We are dealing with a fraud.” As he demolishes the “human-induced climate change” hoax. He continues; “No one has ever shown that human emissions of CO2 drive global warming… And if it could be shown, then you would have to show that the 97% of emissions which are natural, do not drive global warming.

I do believe one of those MUST WATCH Red Carpet shindigs in Hollywood will take place this weekend. I’ll be to busy to turn on the ‘telly’, but you must watch. If not you may not catch a momentous moment such as this:

May Peace prevail! Shalom.

PS. Our local Dairy Queen spring re-opening is in 27 days!


What was the concept meaning of EPCOT?

1) Experimental Prototype to Change our Tomorrows
2) Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
3) Every Patron Challenged Often and Totally
4) Exotic Paradise Countries of Transylvania, Tenerife, and Tuamotus.
5) European Principal Challenges Over Time

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