Family Group July 2023 at the cabin, Cumming Lake
(L - R) Dinah, Jason, Marin, Derek, Kirstin, Kellen
(L to R)Cathy, Vaioleti, Adrianne, Viliami
(L to R)Piper, Oma, Opa

Pastoor clan at Outpost Lodge

Family Group June 28th 2017 at the Outpost Lodge.
Front L to R: Jason, Marin, Dinah, Adrianne, Vaioleti, Kellen, Derek
Back L. to R.: Tevita, Cathy, Viliami, Marcia, Dirk, Vince, Kirstin
Family Group January 2, 2014 at Heuston Woods Lodge.
Front: Vince, Kirstin.
Seated L – R: Tevita, Adrianne, Viliami, Kellen, Marcia, Dirk, Vaioleti, Dinah, Jason, Marin, Cathy, Derek

Family Group — 2010 L-R: Kellen, Derek, Kirstin, Dinah, Marin, Jason, Cathy, Dirk, Marcia, Adrianne, Vaioleti, Tevita

Family Group 2009 — Standing L-R: Cathy, Jason, Marin, Adrianne, Vaioleti, Tevita. Sitting L-R: Vince, Kirstin, Dinah, Derek, Kellen, Marcia, Dirk

Family Group — 2007 L-R: Kirstin, Dinah, Vince, Cathy, Jason, Dirk, Marcia, Adrianne, Tevita. Front: Derek & Marin









Family Group 2003

Family Group 2001

Extended Pastoor Family 2001