Morning all; Marcia was already up with coffee made when I woke up – must be a celebration in honor of the first day of spring; to you all, a happy Saturday and happy springtime. And, I do hope you caught sight of the full moon, the worm moon, a couple of days ago, it was a lovely sight.

Our Zoo as well as our nearby Spring Grove cemetery are both also registered Botanical Gardens and the latter also an Arboretum. And, by the way, both are located a mere neighborhood away. Now, in short order, they’ll both be in full bloom (pun intended).

Taxes — Yesterday, shortly after 2:00PM, I sat at our dining room table (where I am sitting now) ‘hunting & pecking’ away on this week’s Ramblings. Anyway, all of last year’s required paperwork was quickly encircling me.

About the time that Marcia announced dinnertime I was in the final throws of completion as I plowed through Turbo Tax 2021. One small hiccup, a final page showed me as the ‘recipient’ with an address that had the State of residence as CA. I couldn’t change. I also couldn’t correct it.

After dinner I had a ‘Live Chat’ technician on the hook for nearly two hours. Eventually she overrode that piece. Finally, everything was accepted and e-mailed to both the State and the Feds. This morning I am staring at two new emails from Turbo Tax with the header; “ACTION NEEDED!” Then in smaller text; “Your 2021 Personal return was rejected. This happens from time to time, but we’re here to help.”

Now what? Now, how much more time is required dinking around further? Didn’t I hear, year after year, that in the near future we’d do our taxes on a Postcard? It’s been said that nothing is as certain as death and taxes. I know I’m on the way towards the one, but the other too seems to be accelerating.

After two weeks – in Austin, fine weeks I must say, I am home. Kirstin claims that we got everything on her to-do list done. If so, I had a blast doing it. The list was varied. From a chip in her windshield, a replacement ‘key’ to her gas fireplace, to more involved stuff like a doggy-door (Piper-the-dog thinks it wonderful) and the powerwashing the final side of the backyard fence (a neighbor sent a text to her making note of it).


Aside from that, the time spent with Derek, Kellen, and Kirstin was wonderful. This included watching two, vintage, Sherlock Holmes movies. But, the event which garnered the most high-fives was Derek backing their freshly washed car into the garage with me in the passenger seat. This was a first! It was accomplished spot-on perfect!

And, rest assured, there was some time for a bit of relaxation.

A century of The Big One – This month in 1922 under the call letters of WLW AM 700, “The Big One”, began broadcasting. Started by Powel Crosley Jr who wanted a radio in every Crosley car sold and a cheap radio set in every home (the $7 Harko radio) began broadcasting.

To make it even better he set up a state-of-the-art studio for a complete live broadcasts as well as starting live baseball sports broadcasts. Dubbed “The Nation’s Station” it jump started the careers of many, including Red Skelton and Jazz biggies such as “Fats” Waller. It’s truly a wonderful story.

At 5,000 watts, it was billed as the first ‘super power’ station. Eventually it was granted to increase the output to an unprecedented 500,000 watts. To give an idea of what that was like, locals reported receiving the signal through their teeth fillings, it could be heard off-shore in the Pacific, and it was the only station mentioned by Hitler as being a pain in his side. The four tubes pushing out this power were transported three or four per train box car.

Today, no clear channel station can operate beyond 50,000 watts. The last time the old tubes were used was at midnight New Year 2000 when fear of computer disruption was widespread. The old tubes were fired up and the station ran for 15-minutes using the old technology while the computer century crossover was checked.

Fini –
• If you remember what this little widget was used for, then you’re as old as me.

• This past week the Irish were feted. This is how the ‘Nati handled the event (we also had a parade).

• A bit actor named Jussie Smollett was convicted of a felony hate crime hoax, sentenced, and a day or so later released from jail while awaiting his appeal. Meanwhile, un-convicted folk, mostly charged with ‘trespassing’ on January 6, 2021 are still in pre-trial detention. Nah, it’s nothing political.

• A ‘remember when’ moment occurred this week when Zelenskyy received a standing ovation from congress. Wasn’t it a short couple of years ago when the same Zelenskyy told the same Congress that there was no ‘quid pro quo’ on a call with Trump and he wasn’t believed? Just thinking.

• We’re watching how the Polish people have been accepting and welcoming to the refugees from Ukraine. In that light, I thought it to be interesting to post a map I found marking every Catholic Church in Poland. Could this be a player?

• This past week the women’s NCAA swimming competition was held. As expected, the Trans competitor won handily. This whole ‘adjustment’ on how sport records can be made and broken would be even better if we went a step further and move towards holding Trans-Species races. This photo of world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, coming in second explains fully. Wouldn’t the world be just electrified watching a cheetah win?

• What exactly is going on as we watch the inflation rate creep (jump) up?
2017 Trump – 1.7%
2018 Trump – 1.65%
2019 Trump – 1.7%
2020 Trump – 1.4%
2021 Biden – 14%
2022 Biden – 14.9%

A side door adjacent to where I was sitting at my gate for the flight home, I spotted this. A black wall with a heavy duty, four steel hinged door, a lit sign when in use, two strobe lights (green & blue) contained in a box set up for speaker, a secure electric entry, and a sign stating; “CBP Outbound Search”. This next to a gate used mostly for smaller commuter style aircraft. Any conspiracy theorists with an idea?

• I am watching unions trying to gain foothold at places like Starbucks and Amazon. At a time when our administration is promoting ‘unity’, isn’t a union all about division? Isn’t it a wedge between employer and employee? Assuming work and pay are acceptable why pay dues to a union? How it works negatively to the extreme is the spectacle witnessed these past months between players and owners in MLB?

• And, on top of it all, I have started up my exercise routine after what turned out to be pretty well a two-week hiatus.

Best till next weekend. Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep of all those oppressed and in fear in your hears and mind.


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